Isolation and Freudian Paranormal Slips


When eastern state penitentiary or Cherry Hill as it was known at the time was erected in eighteen, twenty nine and Francis Ville it was the largest and most expensive public structure in the country which country. I've never heard of the eastern state penitentiary. It's Bainian okay was. nope Cherry Point. Just Kidding Cherry Point with Carolina's where my brother was born Cherry Hill. It's still the same country. Back to it. So about that map. Okay, starting off the strong today. Did you mean which state? Even when I, you align. Oh, happy. Belated birthday by the way tiffany was going to mention it but I didn't want us to be all of them. You let that slide since it's your birthday week. All right. So from eighteen, twenty and From eighteen twenty, nine to nineteen seventy-one, the eastern state penitentiary in Pennsylvania United States of America north. America. Earth Opera Milky Way Galaxy. Belief operated as one of the most famous and most expensive prisons in history at its completion. The building was the largest emo-. I can keep saying that the largest and most expensive public structure ever record in the United States and quickly became a model for more than three hundred prisons. Worldwide Eastern state emerged from concerns of prison reformers in Philadelphia in the late eighteenth century when prisons held accused criminals only until their trials if convicted prisoners face public in corporal punishment in seventeen, Eighty, seven, a group of well known and powerful Philadelphians known as the Philadelphia Society for alleviating the miseries of public prisons. Oh. What is the please? Give me a what's it called acronym Yup Thank you the Fist Sim. Map. The FISA Abba Papa they met in the home of Benjamin Franklin. The members expressed growing concern with the conditions in American European prisons conditions at the Walnut Street jail, which is located directly behind independence hall were appalling open in Seventeen, seventy, seven, the Walnut Street Jail House accused men, women, adults, children's thieves. Murderers were all jailed together disease ridden dirty pins were rape and robbery were common occurrences. Okay. I know that this is an other movies and TV shows and everything. 'cause you know this is something that was prevalent in history but this reminds me of outlander haven't seen IT A. Girl Uni Watch it but there's a scene where Jason are like a season where he's in prison in its continue. Okay I think lots lots of prisons are bad. The jailers made little effort to protect the prisoners from each other. Instead, they sold prisoners alcohol up to nearly twenty gallons a day Jeez. Food Heat including clothing came at a price and it wasn't unusual prisoners to die from the cold or starvation and keep in mind. They were only cap until their trials because if they are found innocent, they were like, Oh, if they were found guilty day, we're usually guilt Dr Benjamin rush spoke on the society's goal to see the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania set the international standard in prison design. He was convinced that crime was a quote moral disease and suggested a house of repentance were prisoners could meditate on their crimes experienced spiritual Ra- Morrison undergo rehabilitation good for him. What's his name again? Dr Benjamin Rush Okay you rush rush come down on the Cocoa Award Good Just hear me out for pages. The concept grew from enlightenment thinking but no government had successfully carried out such a program. It took the society more than thirty years to convince the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to build this kind of prison. But in eighteen twenty, one, Pennsylvania legislature appropriated two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for eastern state and thus began a revolutionary new building on the farmland outside of Philadelphia at twenty twenty, seven Fairmont Avenue all

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