Interview With Stephen Lamonby


As an engineer Steven Lamb designed navy torpedoes satellite carrying Rookus oil rigs special effects for Hollywood blockbusters films like saving. Private Ryan. Ryan's just to name. Finding him. So even though homes that earns me the right to get back to my wife and. That's my mission. To. Remove your helmet and tell me Your name. Name is gladiator. I will have my venues. Generous with his time he proved that so many times when he was working at solar giving up his time for free. After the lectures were over. With students who needed that extra tuition, he joined university as a part time lecturer in special effects and mechanical engineering. And he really does turn dry boring lectures because I've definitely sat through some lectures which are quite boring into exciting practical demonstrations. And is it true that you constructed a fake Russian tank and it was used on the streets of Saint Petersburg James Bond movie. Goldeneye? Yes, we did. Yeah. We did that. How did that come about? Because the Russians didn't WanNA. Wheel tank driving over the cobblestones. Smashing cobblestones up around the Mojica Palace. So we built a tank like a kid's toy which rubber tracks and underneath had wheels. So we'll take but not break anything and how did you get into the James Bond movie. To supply. Thanks. Okay, the power of tanks they you got the PUTT supplied. All, the military vehicles for Saving Private Ryan. Was Elvis choice for the James Bond Films. Thank you a sexist misogynist dinosaur relative to. James. WAISTBAND. Like boys with toys. I wouldn't single. Chatting, sophisticated secret agent shaken but not to stir, we're actually by the river. In Winchester as the people won't buy on a sunny August stay. And a lot of people didn't about you. Thank you very much for joining us software pleasure because of that private lunch last year. So perhaps you could set the record straight firstly in what context did you say the words Jewish people are among? The cleverest in the world. It came up in conversation. About Physics I've always an interest since I was a boy in astrophysics. because. I couldn't believe that one hundred years ago almost. Albert Einstein we're talking about such abstract subjects as light being affected by gravity. And he works out the speed of light, which was a phenomenal thing to do in the nineteen twenties. How did this man come to realizations about what actually control the will then what does control the world? And the whole universe that we live in? So. My interest was based on this philosophy. On physics. And when the lady Mico sleater told me that she was a qualified physicist and she was American. It was almost involuntary question for me to Oscar. She was Jewish and again, this was a private lunch at a private lynch over Cup of coffee. Now, it was also reported to say that you said that black men on the privileged needle help that they can get. Yes. I did say that. Because I've worked all over the world of work in Africa I worked in South Africa Mozambique worked in North Africa. And I realized that a lot of people in Africa are culturally disadvantaged. Cheaper to anybody else. But. The coach or they grow up in doesn't give them the advantages that we have in the West. And therefore, I was always prepared to give them extra help. In addition to this, it was reported in the Times by Phillips that you told Dr Burner. Most Nigerians did not have it in their DNA to be engineers. Is this true? Absolutely not true. This was one of the spiteful comments made by my course. Lita. In a fifth of of temper to get me set knowing. It would certainly get me ten. She also alleged other city things. Like that I was a totalitarian. Does, one become a totalitarian over coffee break. Did you say anything about DNA and African students I said nothing about ten not not an area of expertise of mine. I know nothing about it I only know that gets us by the police. In various reports, you read in the papers on I know nothing about DNA.

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