The History Of The Ping-Pong Video Game


June one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, seven, Nashua New Hampshire. It's four months since bill, Harrison secret meeting with Ralph Baer and today they're finally unveiling their prototype game console to the company's top brass. Their TV game device isn't much to look at it's an aluminum box the size of a briefcase with a bunch of dials and switches poking out of the top senior executives and the board of directors take seats at the conference table from the head of the table. The company's stony-faced founder Roydon Sanders Surveys, the room his gaze settles on bear across the table. Every time bear pushes up his glasses sweat makes him slip back down again. Bear I. Hear you've been fooling around with some TV gadgetry, some kind of toy. It. Yes. Sir. That's correct. Well, let me be clear. I'm not sure I'm happy with people making toys on my dime. So whatever this thing is it better be good. They're tries to smile it comes out as a grimace with that Harrison switches on the TV set. Okay we're ready. Bear takes a deep breath and starts his presentation. This is the TV game unit. It can play seven different games. You select a game by turning this dial and to to explain the Games, I prerecorded instructions on an audio cassette, and maybe this cassette could come with the device to teach families how to use it. Bear pushes his glasses backup knows deep down he knows he's invented something groundbreaking but that doesn't change the fact that he's pitching a toy to one of America's top military contractors, and now that the presentation started, there's no turning back. Bear turns the dial on the box to lonely squares appear on the screen. One is white. The other red bear presses play on the cassette. Please I have your attention. The first game are chess game. Please fasten the chessboard overlay. There takes out of transparent plastic sheet with a chessboard design and places it over the TV screen. Thanks to the static on the screen. The plastic sheets sticks with the overlay attached. Now looks as though the two squares on the screen are pieces on a chessboard bears prerecorded tape. Rolls. On. The game is played by two players joysticks. The object of this game is to reach the opponents position moving one square at a time. Please shut me off. Bear stops the cassette and pick up a joystick. The executive stare is bare and Harrison Guide their onscreen squares around the chessboard. The. Room disconcertingly quiet. The TV game unit can't do sound one board members stifles a yawn. Bear decides he'd better move onto the next game he whips the chessboard. Screen pushes up his glasses and restarts the audio cassette. Now, for a little more action, let's have a steeplechase one will be the hunter. One will be the Fox shut me off. please. Barron Harrison Start Moving two squares around the otherwise empty screen the moment. Harrison Square catches bear square the game restarts. There's no scoring the TV game. Unit camp keep scores. When executive fiddles with tie some board members cover their size with their hands others don't bother the presentation is tanking fast. But then Harrison pulls out a toy rifle. The executive sit up Harrison grins don't worry folks at isn't loaded. It's just a light gun. There turns the game selection switch a large white square appears on a screen and starts roaming around at random bear presses play on the tape. We're are going to test your accuracy as a marksman. We guarantee if you can shoot straight with this rifle, you can shoot straight with anything. There's no way of predicting just where the target is going to be. Now, let's see if you can hit. The target shooting game immediately changes the mood among the executives. Maybe there could be a military application for bears toy after all soon, the suited executives are lining up to take potshots at the onscreen. Target. After the demonstration Bayern. Harrison stand in silence as the sanders associates executives confer I don't think the rightful gain will cut it for military training needs a lot more work if it's going to do that I agree agree but still it was fun. Wasn't it sure but we're not a toy company. Eventually. All eyes. Settle on Roydon Sanders Sanders strokes is mustache and then looks at bear This is interesting. Not sure what we can do with this thing, but I wanna see where it leads but fair next time I want to see something we can sell or license. Got It. Bear manages a smile. His project is still alive for now.

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