Agents of SHIELD's finale is the end of an era


Of an era for a Marvel TV show. Marvel's Agents of Shield comes to an end Tonight after seven seasons, we've had a number of goodbyes. Star Clark Gregg tells us pretty much every year since season five. They weren't sure if the show would be be back. back. So So they've they've been been prepared prepared for for this this moment, moment, and and the the finale finale should should give give fans fans closure. closure. You You know, know, I I thought thought they they really really paid paid off off a a lot lot of of those those journeys journeys in in a a very very satisfying satisfying way. way. That That wasn't wasn't too too sentimental, sentimental, but but at at the the same same time, But you really I guess. Celebrate the right. We all went on together. Tonight's Marvel's Agents of Shield finale on ABC is two hours. Jason Heathens and ABC News Hollywood

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