Lack of Care for Privacy and Security With Overbit CEO Chieh LIU


See this a lot now. I don't know how it's coming up in such A. Everyday vernacular, but the cash coin shortage in everybody's scared that America's GonNa go to a cashless society. bitcoins Guy Unique. Part to deal with that just because. Now all the sudden. You really do have a need for some. Cash currency system that's outside of. A, pure. Government issued digital currency, but the the governor's like convincing the government to go with that. Happen, it's not. So now you're left with that scenario. That seems ever so more likely. There's going to be people that use big win. And outside of government issued currency, and then there's going to be governor issue Kersey. It's like one's always going to be sullied in out. Compartmentalized as the other people's currency and then there's government issued currency like. If especially, if we go to a cashless society, that's just going to be the way that it is I. Bet you point of sale systems one even like. charge a fee or something that will happen with someone tries to pay with Bitcoin or it'll just be the under the table kind of thing like you've. equivalency of being gadget will be bang. Gleaming Let's. How much are we going to assume that? Governments are going to pay attention to this stuff if they are only just coming to the realization like. Black people matter. You know that's a good question gory. It seems is based on like Previous episodes talked about black stuff like. Nation states will use will use things like bitcoin specifically bitcoin apparently because fuck privacy To? Fund things that they're not supposed to fund or like. Move money that they don't want kind of the. Treasury to keep track of that seems to be the case. and. That's such large volumes where it makes a significance in the use cases of bitcoin whereas like buying coffee. Doesn't really matter. And outside of that like. They probably don't care. Maybe, they'll use it to find I know that they use it to. They watch it to track illicit finance, so they can have more information about terrorist cells funding each other to do things that they would not like them to do across the board. All countries are doing that. And coined join. Puts up somewhat of a barrier to entry air, but I guarantee you a terror cells bitcoin. So they're basically just broadcasting their financial information. And that is something that governments are interested. Outside of that! You. Using Bitcoin to buy. adderall from India no-one Shit about. Outside of that like now, innovation happening I would say is not happening on Bitcoin.

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