Kanye West posts bizarre Twitter rant: ‘Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up’

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So Connie went on twitter tirade last night. Saying things like Chris. Stay away from his kids. He slammed Kim's playboy spread and he even said the movie. Get out is about him. Yeltsin claims that Kim was going to fly out to Wyoming with the doctor to get him locked up, so it sounds like Kim is trying to get him help, but these tweets which our now deleted did get pretty personal. How do you guys feel if you can? I mean how are you supposed to feel this entire thing is so devastating. I feel like this has been something that's been going on with Connie for a while now. Obviously, he's been pretty open about his mental illness, and the struggles that he's had with it in the past. It is very clear that he's obviously going through something. Obviously, we don't know if that means he's you know. Stop taking certain medications or whatever has gone on. On, but clearly he's in a little bit more of a manic state. I'm not a doctor so I. Don't know if that's the right terminology, but clearly clearly going there's something and as his wife and partner for so many years mother of his children. I mean I'm sure it's devastating for her I. Mean I know firsthand what it's like to deal with somebody who has mental illness and let me tell you something it is horrific. Horrific you are not dealing with a person that is a the right sound mind, so it's almost impossible to help them, and they feel like everybody is sort of attacking them in what he was tweeting about being locked up. It's like she's not trying to lock you up. She's trying to help you and get you WANNA. Pass right now to get you to your most Sane Self, so I'm sure it's dead the skating for her. What do you think? I mean if you haven't dealt with someone who has gone through mental illness, especially member. You really do not know the distance that you are willing to go for that person you know people ask questions like when is enough enough? But when this is your family member, you have go the distance and for people are forever, and when people are going through manic episodes. Is sometimes they will say things that will cut deep. They will say things that will hurt their actions Are you know pretty irrational at times when you have family members? Sometimes you just have to take a step outside of the situation and assess what's going, and sometimes you're able to realize okay. They were in the right state of mind. They were saying things that maybe they do not mean and and you're. You're willing to just ride it out with them for him. This is the father of her children. This is her husband who we know adores her, so I feel like she is going to do whatever it takes to help him and to get him better, but you guys. There is no simple solution. There is not sanction. This is a lifelong journey, so I think right now. The whole family is going through it. But also with Kim, you know she has to assess how she is feeling. Because as you are not well, then you're trying to fill someone else's cost. That is half. Empty your nothing for yourself so it also it just falls on. You know you need to assess how you are. You need to help this person, but it's going to be a journey. Be. A mother continued to be a mother to the four children. She also has to be both mom and dad right now, and I think that a lot of I mean I've gone through this personally, but you know like people with mental illness have a hard time taking medication because they do complain that it causes them to feel jake or less, creative or sort of a little bit foggy, and I think that obviously we know I've been a huge conde. Conde stand from day one. He's obviously a musical genius, and he's somebody that constantly wants to be in the zone wants to be creating wants to be putting out certain things and when he's taking stuff that makes him feel like he's not living up to that. Potential I can understand him saying well. I don't want to do that to myself anymore. But unfortunately what we saw last night with the tweeting is the effects of not taking care of himself right? Right one hundred percent I think if you look at the history of the Kardashian women and their relationships. If you look at chloe and Lamar if you look at Scott in Courtney. Even when those relationships were romantically done, they never gave up on those people we saw how chloe came to Lamar's rescue, and how Chris was behind her, and how the sisters were behind her to help Lamar get out of the spot. He's at so being someone like Kim. WHO's? WHO's a part of a family like that? WHO believes that wind? She has kids or this man. She is not going to give up on him even if she's out of this situation for herself, she is going to stay in this for kids and I. Think the most devastating part for Cam, which is also the most devastating part for me. Is that people on the Internet are egging this on and laugh about this man going through this manic episode? Nine might be saying things that cut deep and are very personal, but I think she can get over that. I think what's going to her. Is that people are sitting here in laughing at this man going through this, and that is going to be the problem,

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