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The the world's world's biggest biggest companies companies are are joining joining forces forces to to cut cut carbon carbon emissions emissions and and a a double double punch punch of of the the movie movie industry industry from from the the Corona Corona virus. virus. Wednesdays Wednesdays one. one. Let's Let's get get a a check check of of traffic traffic in in transit transit on on the the ones ones now now from from Karen Karen Stewart. Stewart. Well Well in in Brooklyn. Brooklyn. We've We've still still got got a a full full closure closure of of the the Bhagwan Bhagwan is is Ram Ram to to the the Brooklyn Brooklyn Battery Battery Tunnel. Tunnel. We're We're dealing dealing with with the the debris debris spilled spilled that's that's been been out out there there since since before before five this morning. All lanes are blocked. They have reopened the H O V lane. The trouble of traffic squeaked by it is working very, very slowly. We are jammed in the guano is from back in the Verrazano Bridge. Bell Parkway is jammed onto the guan US from back of Bay Ridge Avenue on the Prospect Expressway delayed up to the go honest now starts back at Seely Street almost on Ocean Parkway. So in New Jersey. The good news is the North bound Turnpike Express lines are open and 71 The delays are easing out enormously. The delight of the inbound UW birds. Charles from the 80 95 Express is now only about 10 15 minutes. We are heavy across the spam into the city over the Alexander Hamilton on the eastbound cross Bronx will stay heavy until you get to Grand concourse. Upper East Side still bumper to bumper on the South Harlem River from 132nd Street Down East Harlem 114th. It stays heavy down the FDR but earlier problems in the seventies gone, and so things were starting to look up in the world. There is a need to know about the bridges and tunnels, 59th Street Bridge, absolutely packed from Queens Boulevard and Northern Boulevard. What? Throgs Throgs Neck Neck and and Whitestone Whitestone are are still still in in very very good good condition condition and and on on on Long Long Long Long Island, Island, Island, Island, Island, the the the the the westbound westbound westbound westbound westbound ally. ally. ally. ally. ally. He He He He He has has has has has delays delays delays delays delays now. now. now. now. now. Not Not Not Not Not too too too too too bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, though. though. though. though. though. Out Out Out Out Out into into into into into Asian Asian Asian Asian Asian 39 39 39 39 39 for for for for for Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Cove Cove Cove Cove Cove Road. Road. Road. Road. Road. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart on on on on on 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 wins. wins. wins. wins. wins. No No No No No New New New New New York York York York York City City City City City is is is is now now now now officially officially officially officially in in in in a a a a heat heat heat heat wave. wave. wave. wave. But But But But on on on on the the the the upside, upside, upside, upside, it it it it should should should should be be be be a a a a relatively relatively relatively relatively short short short short heatwave. heatwave. heatwave. heatwave. Let's Let's Let's Let's get get get get specifics specifics specifics specifics from from from from digging digging digging digging divorce. divorce. divorce. divorce. Thank Thank Thank you you you Other Other Other Dane? Dane? Dane? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, we we we hit hit hit 90 90 90 plus plus plus third day in a row yesterday. The brutal nous of that heat and humidity really evident the last couple of days. One thing you'll notice those you're out the door this morning is the dew point or the amount of humidity in the air is down a bit, so it'll still be hot today, not quite as human. We'll still get above 90 and real fields in the upper nineties with mostly sunny skies. Humanity searches back tonight and there could be a thunderstorm towards daybreak. We get close to 90 the next couple of days tomorrow Thursday, but the humidities backup so real fields will be in the low to mid nineties. So while we may ease out of the heat wave specifically, it's still going to be pretty rotten till we get towards the end of the week in terms of lesser humidity, arriving for the weekend itself will keep you up to date as we go through this He wait continuing today on New York's weather station 10 10 wins. Okay, 80 right now, now, with with a a real real feel feel of of 85. 85. Resident Resident trumps trumps been been sending sending in in federal federal agents agents to to deal deal with with unrest unrest in in Portland, Portland, Oregon, Oregon, has has been been threatening threatening to to do do so. so. Another Another city city is is run run by by Democrats Democrats of the local authority. Don't get the violence in those cities under control, but Merida, Blasio says it's not going to happen. Here is Glenn Shock reports from Midtown this morning, Glenn Federal police like Homeland Security agents are said to be going into Chicago unless legal action stops it Now. The president wants to go further blaming liberal Democrats for crime and unrest in other cities like Philadelphia, Detroit and New York. And that Federal help is needed here is well. New York won last night, the mayor, calling the president's threats all politics and rejects any federal cop plan. He's trying to send an outside presence. It's not because it's needed to protect those buildings again. The same way he's used ice. He uses ice as an extension of his reelection campaign, not protect people. In fact, the mayor says, they'll take legal action that the president does send in federal law enforcement. Every time we've seen the president do things that are illegal and unconstitutional. We've challenged him in court overwhelmingly beat him, and he's had to retreat. But on Monday, the president saying New York City's police are Restricted from doing anything and that federal help may be needed. One shot 10 10 wins here in Midtown rowing. Dan Hollander, the men's rights lawyer suspected of killing the son of federal judge Esther Solace and wounding her husband may also have been responsible for the murder of another men's rights attorney in California. Mark Angelucci was shot by somebody disguised as a FedEx delivery man, the same M O that was used in the killing of the judge's son, Daniel, and dairy and the wounding of her husband, Mark and dearie. Neighbor, Marion Costanza, says Daniel, who was 20 years old was a hero. I'm thinking making another kid would hide in the closet. I mean, you had gunshot. You get scared. You don't know what to do. This kid just ran to help his dad. I really can't believe that they were very close. Investigators say Roy Dan Hollander may have been hunting down enemies after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had once argued a case before Judge Solace he was found dead. From a self inflicted gunshot wound in his car in Liberty, New York yesterday. A deadly collision at a marina in the Bronx. Last night, two Jet skis collided, killing two men. The victims were rushed to Jacoby Medical Center but could not be saved. Officer is still working on identifying the men who were not carrying ID. New York City's and face for every opening, then supposed to be the final phase. But as you may have noticed, a lot of stuff still isn't open, notably bars and restaurants, at least for indoor purposes. The governor says the city is just not ready for that, even if many of the people who live in the city already As evidenced by crowds gathering outside restaurants and bars to the parties who come out. I understand the frustration. I understand you've been inside for a long time. I understand it's your young. I understand people like to socialize. I get that It's the summer I get that. Has to stop. He says. Cops need to enforce the law. The mayor and the governor are in a court of least on that one with the blonde CEO, saying troubling overcrowding at restaurants will not be tolerated. New Jersey governor, Murphy says parents will have the option to keep their kids out of school this fall. The Department of Education will be releasing guidance, allowing for parents to choose all remote learning. For their Children. The details will be coming out later this week, but we wanted everyone to know that we will allow for the step. Open a Murphy, adding It's just not possible for school to resume on a normal schedule this fall. Long Beach is now banning non residents not just from the beach on the weekends, but also banning everyone from the boardwalk residents to at night. This after lots of young people crowded onto the boardwalk last Saturday night. It was insanity there. There was no way they can put it under control Long Beach resident in favor of the nightly boardwalk shut down, which will begin nine PM Thursday. The move comes after Governor Cuomo said that revelers flouting his executive orders mandating social distancing. Are behaving in ways that could undo the state's progress against the pandemic. This gentleman, however, disagrees reaches for everybody, and they should all enjoy it. Long Beach Boardwalk will reopen at dawn. Sadie. Degrees mostly sunny. We're going up to 92 Yankee, whether real field 85 Alvez Geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. Is a wedding coming up in a few weeks and you are invited. We're going to hold it right here on sense and wins. As John Montalbano is here to explain this morning, John. Theirs is a love in the time of Cove it Ashley Isaacs is a nurse at New York Presbyterian Israel Wretches played in a band. She liked them, but he was not the type of guy to commit. Until I met the girl. I met the girl and I felt I felt differently about it. Every time I spoke to her, I had butterflies. Every time he saw her. I had butterflies, Then two punches to the gut. He was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin's lymphoma. And she was caring for Corona virus patients. I'm putting myself in danger. I'm goingto possibly put my fiance in danger and you kind of have this fight with yourself and it's hard. It's definitely hard at the end of the day. Takes a toll on you. Israel is in remission. But as to their big wedding plans crazy to say the

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