Working from Home: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration from The New Corner Office (Laura's new book!) Ep. 155


This is Laura this is episode one hundred fifty five? We but time seems to have no meaning these days as we. Enter month four five, whatever it is of semi quarantine. corentin anyway. Sarah and I have been had a virtual business relationship for a long time actually hasn't had the changed that much, although her work of course has changed in the course of the COVID, nineteen pandemic at today's episode is going to be all about working from home. I'm really excited to announce that I have a new book out today. It's called the new corner office, which is also the same. Same name as one of my other podcasts, it's called the new corner office. How the most successful people work from home and it's got all kinds of tips and stuff like that about how you can work productively and ambitiously from home, so we're just GonNa do a few quick tips and it'll be a short episode and I'm so excited. Because when this book came out, I realized who I have many a question about how to work effectively from home. So we decided the structure of this episode would just be me. Firing off all the things that I wanted to know about how you can work. Successfully from Home I. Did I did a lot of it in the beginning then. I kind of went back to work and then lately are case. Numbers have been so high then back at home and I made A. A discovery yesterday that I can even work with a resident from home with a three way video chat with our patients, which was very like serendipitous. Nobody told us that this capability had been added, but I was like. Let's see what happens if I just tried to enter the encounter. When she's in it and Lo and behold, my phone showed three little pains and. The patient simultaneously so I'm very about your barrier for you because you're trying to teach your residents, and so you had to be in person with them to teach them about what they were doing. Correct. That was kind of like for me. The last frontier particularly when I'm on outpatient, I was like well. You know I could do this from home, but if I have a trainee at really don't want them to miss out on experience, but now I feel like number one. They can get some valuable telemedicine experience. The number two if a resident is sick or if others are sick, nobody has to miss out, yeah. That's great I mean. That's I think it was Rhode Island. At least there's somebody said. We're never having snow days again. Like clearly, we have the capability to continue. Whatever it is. With with snow with weather with road closures with a pandemic so I mean this is really. It's the sort of thing that should have been happening for a long time. Obviously, a crisis has forced some element of. Seeing what is possible, but many of your visits like the follow up, stuff could have been done virtually in the past and would've saved people time days off work to bring their kids to the doctor I mean there's all sorts of things that absolutely I don't put all the blame in the medical profession, because a lot of it had to do with billing, but a lot of those rules recently changed. Hopefully, they're not going to flip all the way back so I would hope not I was cynical that maybe people think the life cost keeps people from overusing medicine. I hope not, but there's there's some cynicism. In the billing world, so let's just not think about that. Anyway So many book related questions, so I'm excited to dive into that so and I for our readers just for them to know this e book. Only at this time crack is in. That's partly related to the situation. That's going on as well. I mean. We wanted to get it out quickly and because of that. Book Audio Book are are the way to go, because those are both instant release mechanisms as opposed to a physical book, which has to be printed and shipped, and all the inefficiencies that with anything that is, that is done in person with a physical object, but there's also trouble with distribution channels as well I mean a lot of the. You know book warehouses have less staff because it's not critical in. Bookstores in many places are not either open or limited capacity airport bookstores turn out not to be a hot place to be at the. Books previously thrived in that location and I'm sure the I have a friend who? It was so sad she was like the the Hudson books released like top release for April or something they chose. Yeah that not. Bad luck anyway all right? Let's get to the question question number one. How does one remain focus? Especially for kids are still in the house I know our listeners want that one answered first, and foremost yet it is really really tough and long term. It does not work to work from home with young children who are too young to entertain themselves. Work while you're working from home if you don't have other childcare either you know that they go to daycare or that. You have another adult in the House caring for them. Now of course that other adult could be a family member, so if you and your spouse are both working from home, you can come up with a way that you trade off hours, or if both of you have dialed down a little bit, it would be quite possible for both of you to work. Say Twenty five hours that we can have those happened probably mostly during the working day as well. But. You know kids need to be watched. It's. I know that a lot of people are still in a crisis situation with us, and so if that is the case in. The first option is to switch off with a partner if that is the case. If! You could find a another sitter who is willing to adopt whatever sort of social distancing guidelines you feel are appropriate for your family. You know that maybe it's somebody who either lives alone is just only with her family, and they're not really going much just as long as somebody. WHO's not hanging out every night and crowded bars like you're probably okay so. That is a solution. I would definitely recommend people looking into 'cause. We don't know how the school situation is going to pan out for a lot of districts. So you may just want. Go ahead and hire somebody realized. This is GonNa be good to have available and. Starts up great like maybe you can convert the hours to evening or you know. Get them doing a little extra stuff in the afternoon. Who knows but hiring somebody if that is a feasible for you? And if you are unable to do that and you are on your own. Your best bet with little kids is to look at the time. That is available that they are not going to need you and so in many cases early morning. If you can get up before them. Spend the morning just acknowledge you're not going to work in the morning. You're going to run the kids around. You'RE GONNA get them really tired. You're going to go outside, you're GonNa have them play hard as they possibly can, so you can come inside. Feed them lunch and have them zonked out. Anyone who naps can nap. Anyone who is older can have screen time. Time for several hours. You use those two to three hours in the afternoon. Triaging what you do to the most important thing. I don't get to the email until our three. When you're like okay. If they wake up, it's fine, and then you know if if you have a partner who comes home in the evening. Obviously that person can take the kids then.

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