Toronto Blue Jays to play majority of 2020 home games in New York


Last night at the Ronald Bluejays, where a major league baseball team without a home in terms of playing home games at a stadium on Friday, they found out they're going to play majority. The home games of Bubble New York, home of the team's Triple A affiliate, the Buffalo Bison's Anthony's Breakers, the GM the Buffalo Bison's can't wait to hear his take on this, as he joins Thank to show a pencil performance line. Anthony plane, but we believe that it's a Ronald Blue Jays would not become wards of Major League baseball when it comes out having any home games. But for those who don't know about your stadium where they're going to play What can this state and really do, even though it's a minor league field, but a major league team's about to play on it. Well, guys, thanks for having me on and it's Ah, it's a thrilled to be hosting the Blue Jays. That's assailant field, and you know everybody in Buffalo kind of nose and in the minor league baseball circuit that Our ballpark in is the biggest and minor league baseball seating capacity wise. Back 1988. It was built to become a major league ballpark and You know, thanks to a kind of that ability, you know, we we've got the space and the infrastructure to do the best we can, and probably best that any minor league team to be ready for a major team coming in to take care of them. What kind of changes to the specs of that yard have to be made, if any, to be able to host a major league baseball game. Yeah. I mean, there's there's certainly Ah, few things overcome here in a short period of time, But you know, we're confident we can do it. But you know, some of the things lighting has been has been talked about. As ah, major obstacle, but we feel we're going to be able to do that with some plans. We're gonna have some portable lights brought in and ever bulbs changed out. As well to sew. The TV games will be have no problem saying in the game and you know, a little bit of the clubhouse is well, it's you've seen, you know, with the social distancing Fenway model. Everybody's kind of calling it. And having teams in the suites were considering that looking at all the different avenues in the ballpark where weaken socially distance players and him a good home. Keep him safe, but also give him a nice place. To be inside of ballpark alone will be certainly a little unique. But you know, it's a majorly style ballpark. It's our facilities. Fantastic, the actual game on the field. I won't miss a beat will be ready. Anthony spread that you know, the Buffalo Bison's Their home field is going to be the home for the Toronto Bluejays in Major league baseball. This 2020 joining Freddie Coleman and if it's Simmons on Freddy and Fitz Simmons on ESPN radio. I'm glad you mentioned exactly that. It's a pretty neat thing to have this. I know fans won't be able to be allowed into the stadium. But what does this really mean? For the city of Buffalo having it's around a Blue Jays, calling that city their home for 2020 I mean, it's it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think for all of us so we can come forward on this and host Ah Major league team here. I mean, we're the support we're getting from our local politicians. Byron Brown has been fantastic. Governor Cuomo has been a huge help in this old saying, Mark pulling cars are your county executive has Has really helped us. They've come and said Look any help you guys need We're here. We're helpful. Every one of our partners through this Even before we knew that they were coming. Everyone is excited about this. How can we help you help? What can we dio? You know, Buffalo, the city of good neighbors, and it is truly going toe. We're gonna show that everybody everyone's gonna pitch in. Everyone's going to do their part, and you know whenever that time comes, I know it's a little up in the air, exactly the first game that's going to be here. We're going to be ready and it's going to be really put Buffalo on the national map on the international map, too, because you know the J's are Canadians, the country's team. And I think everybody not just in buffalo, but in New York state is goingto see what What? Buffalo Khun D'oh. Anthony, What has this been like for you personally, You haven't been the GM there very long. You've been in the organisation for. I think close to two decades if I'm not mistaken, but you haven't been a GM very long. What is this? Hold? This is the last 4.5 months been like for you personally. You know, you have been with the bisons for a long time. Um, but yeah, only was ah named G. M a few days before everything shut down. Due to the pandemic, so I probably you know, in a few years, I'll realize how crazy this was. But it's just been one crazy step after another that every change everyday every week has felt like a year in a time capsule pretty much that I can't even really read my head around. What's what's been going on. And, um, you know, I've had so many different moving targets from you know, the starting our season to the PBA agreement was Major League baseball, Tio. Mark seasons canceled and the Jays they're gonna come. They're not going to come. They're going to play in Toronto. There, not going. I mean, they had so many twists and turns that it's hard to keep track of, Um And I probably don't realize how crazy it really has been until I go through a normal season GM but it has been AH, It's really been a whirlwind of emotions. And you know, I'm kind of left now with just Ah, whole lot of excitement that that we're going to get those that Toronto bluejays. Anthony sprayed the June that Buffalo Bison's

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