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The Power Trip


Archer morning show. Just into the Eight o'clock hour on a Friday which means. Just minutes away. From initials game and the initials Jackpot. Saint Paul Federal Credit Union. You can have a shot at six thousand dollars next segments. Don't call now because we're not gonNA. Answer the phones, but in about. Twelve thirteen fourteen minutes. You can call six, five, one, nine, eight, nine, five, three, two, six, or one, eight, hundred, three, two, zero, five, three to six. When we play initials, we take one caller. You get one shot. I guess the initials. If you get it right, you win six grand suites. Don't call now because the phone lines are open, it's right. But when we say to call, that's the number six, five, one, nine, eight nine. Five three to six. All Right, shall we? Shall. Lead time for fan five brought to you by builders and remodelers. Thank you builders and remodelers at my house right now, doing good work I appreciate it so your commercial last night for the first time.

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