Alien Stellar Stream Discovered in our Neighbourhood - burst 04


Space Agency's Operation Center dumpster Germany operates a number of satellite tracking stations known as s track European Space Tracking Network. These stations support various ace emissions and facilitate communications between mission managers on the ground and spacecraft such as Xm Newton Mas Express Baby Colombo guy. Solar orbiter the Copernicus Satellite Constellation, and the Galileo satellite navigation system, many of the satellites that gather information and health of our planet hoping. Hoping with awards, transportation and navigation and taking important scientific missions are on what's known as polar orbits which take them over the planet's North and South Poles and keeping in touch with spacecraft as their fly over these desolate remote areas isn't an easy job. While space time, listeners would be familiar with the European Space Agency's new nausea tracking station Perth Easter operate similar stations in Spain Argentina Sweden Kenya Belgium. Chile and the curious space center in French Guiana, but none of his isolated, or in such an inhospitable and desolate environment, as val sat

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