Trump is losing big to Biden in voter polls


Used to the day not to the date, but to the day we go to the polls all over the United States. Of course, there's massive mail in balloting and elect the next president of the United States. It will either be a reelection of Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. But where do things stand? Really? As we're now 90 days out from deciding who the leader of the free world will be a lot of the poles that are out there. Have Joe Biden up if you look at battleground state polls Here in Ohio. Biden is up plus 2 2.5 He's up in Michigan. He is he's up in New Hampshire. Trump is up in Texas barely up in Missouri, and Trump is up in Iowa. But apparently it is Biden, who is making hay and a lot of the states that Donald Trump won back in 2016 and needs to win for re election now, But how accurate is polling? And did we learned any lessons from 2016? That should look at polling now with somewhat of a jaundiced eye? Standing by the way in and all of that is one of the great political minds of art of our lifetime. Someone who understands the INS and the outs of elections how people get elected, what polls really mean and the taste of the voting electorate in this country. He is Dr Eric Morrow, the head of social sciences and political science professor at Tarleton State University. And Dr Morrow. How are you on this glorious Tuesday? I'm great. Can we've got some cooler weather here in Texas. So, ah, not break from the summer. He had some rain last week. So that's the best we can ask for in Texas in the summer. Well, you know, it's cool in a lot of places not bad here, but it's tartan. Or, as we say, here in Ohio, fixing the heat off politically, Let's Just get to the landscape as it exists right now, As you look at this presidential race, is it really Joe blind that has the lead and if it is, how much of a lead not necessarily and popular vote, But as you look around the landscape of the country in these battleground states, how much do we put How much fate should we put in these polls that air out right now? Well, I think it's uh It's a mixed message at this point, and I say that because we had the experience in 2016 with the Poles and a lot of polling places, especially the quality ones, learned some things and it made some adjustments. But you know we're still 90 days out, and there's a lot happening and And part of this, too, looking at each individual state. And what is the makeup of the voting? The registered voters and turnout expectations there how they're handling elections. I mean, this is this is where we're on the ground now and where the challenges are. And polling while it does give us some some glimpse, Ah, take Texas is a great example. Ah, they most the polls show that they're basically even between Trump and Biden. But ah Ah, we've got a ways to go here and one of the things that really impacts voting and the and the results of an election is tech in Texas. Not just your big metropolitan areas. We have a lot of smaller metropolitan areas. And if turnout is strong there those air Republican bases and so I still give the lead to trump on DH. Not just that they're even but I give us a little bit of a lead to him in the state right now, because we just don't know what that That result will be with turnout in those areas. Well, Trump, I think still has his base. If you look a TTE, a TTE, the various polling among Republicans, he's he's been consistently at 94 95 96 inside his own party. If you look at that what he's doing from an approval standpoint, there's some Poles, the rest missing pool, which has traditionally favored Republicans. It's it's Ah, it's it's I think has Trump right now at 50% approval, but most of them have him in. At best, a load a mid forties. It seems to me that Trump is having a really difficult time getting past his base and energizing people that might Either be fence sitters or undecideds. I don't think there are a lot of undecideds or people that he just hasn't connected with. I don't think he can do much until he gets coverted under control because To me. That's what everybody is, is consumed with whether it's from a health standpoint or an economy standpoint, he can't get covert under control. Not that I'm not saying he but we can't get Cove it under control. And because of that, I think it kind of stymies him in picking up those that are not in his base. Would you agree with that? I do. He needs a win, and he's been. It's been an uphill battle on this all along. And ah, this recently Ah, put some things out on federalism, where I think that the Trump presidency is a victim of that, especially in relation to this. Ah, pandemic on that is because of the challenges with working with states and That comes into theologian process now is that you've got some of the more challenging conditions related to the pandemic in states where without the pandemic, he would say, Well, well, Trump has that state and it wouldn't be any questions now about whether someone has a lead or not. It would be a good thing could be a very, very close race at this point, but Where it's not is that people are starting to question what's happening and how this is being addressed and just not seeing results, and that's what people want. They want. They want the economy six. They want a vaccine. They want cases to go down. They want results, and we and he really needs to see something happen. Significant. Well, there has to be something that happened significantly to get Joe Biden. Out of his basement and out on the campaign trail. And so far, there's no compelling reason for Biden to go out and do that is there and now there's not no, he can play it safe. At this point, it seems I mean, I don't know that that's the the best overall strategy. But, um, one of the things Heard recently in terms of strategy coming out of his campaign was that that they're looking at what the right moment you know when, when is it time to Ah, that it won't, uh, create additional challenges, depending on what he does or what he says. But when he can jump out there and put himself forward, even Maura's the person to say, Well, look, he's not Trump's not been able to fix any of this. Our address it in the appropriate way and and thus try to seal the deal on the election. A Sze Yu look. ATT at Joe Biden. And you hear some of the rhetoric that's been out there in the last couple of days about debates and whether there will not be debates and whether there will be. I think once you wed your way through that, I don't sense the Joe Biden can say. At the at the 11th hour. I'm not going to debate. We're not going to have any debates. I think at that point he would look weak. There will be debates this year. Don't you think I do. I think that I think that's what their strategists are looking at. Is that the point in which he inserts himself more into this? I think one of the challenges or one of the things they have to be looking at. And this is really for the Trump campaign is that In the debates and part of the previous election, so he benefited from a live audience. He was able to play to the crowd. He was able to kind of make it work for himself, both visually as well as the The effect of having a live audience. And that may not be the case this time. And so that may be a challenge for Trump. But he certainly not goingto back away from the and, in fact, Ah Biden doing that. They would certainly make that an opportunity to say that he's not willing to engage in a public forum in these difficult issues that we're facing. Former vice president obviously commits a lot of gaps there. Some who think he may have cognitive issues whether he does or he doesn't. I don't know. Nobody knows unless you're his doctor or those close to him. How much how much of a liability. Do you think A live debate would be to Biden particularly If he continues to behave like he does in some of the few public events he does. I think these extended debates with just two candidates are going to be more of a challenge. We saw him kind of moved back and forth. He was challenged in a few debates recovered and a few others and and so it's gonna be interesting to see this over an extended period of time. As to how you can engage. You know, Biden has a long career in government and with policy, and when you get him going with that, and he's in the depths of it, hey, can show his his ability to really engage with it the challenges in communicating that because as we've seen for many elections when they run the studies, people start tuning out when you get into the details of policy, and I think that's where In addition to what Biden might say that he doesn't intend to say is that when he started jumping off in the depths of discussing policy specific policy issues, people are just going, they're going to fade, and that that isn't necessarily help is well, so I don't think it is his strengths or they're just I think it's going to be. Where are we with all of these issues and what Trump Has been able to accomplish or see happen under his presidency. And then how Biden portrays himself coming into that engagement with him,

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