Census Bureau confirms plans to end data collection early



Announcing last night. That it is ending Field Data collection a month earlier than had been plan. They were going to shut it down September or October 31st But now they say households have to complete the census by September 30. The date Census Bureau says that they're knocking on doors of households that haven't done the census that's coming to an end changes likely to raise new concerns about how the Census Bureau possibly undercounts. Population, and when you talk population in this country, babyboomers have kind of been the £800 gorilla generally regarded as the largest part of humanity in this country, But now not the case. New Brookings Institute analysis. They checked the US population with regularity, and they say it's the younger folks that are edging out the baby boomers, baby boomers right now 162 million. And when you look at millennials and points younger, it's 166 million. So the oldest millennials are now 39. Gen Xers be born between 65 80 Gen. Z after 96. So right now, younger populations are the lion's share of US population

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