A Sick Howard, Robin, & Ronnie Talk COVID-19 in New Prank Call The Howard Stern Show


Stern show the guys put this together? We call a A. Family advice show. And we asked them about to help us with corona virus, because the whole family was suffering with corona buyers, and you star in this Robin is star in it, everybody. It's an all star. Cast all right you go. I'd like to welcome us to the show. Have a caller. Okay! Hi, how are you? Better I I went back to go live with my parents during quarantine. and. We all call covert. And everyone's accusing each other of giving it to them and. It just don't bearable. Answer it is those type of people life isolate you right? Actually when their dad just walked into the room, can I put him on the on the phone to speak with you? I think you could really help the situation. Great here he is his name is Howard hello. How're you doing today? I feel real strange. So. When he was sick. Police stay away from route it. Towns like tensions are very high. There and I appreciate everybody. Come on from your little. Right exactly and I. Ever. Say anything to you when you're sick. That's my mom robin by the way. I know. Shit, but at least I'm the guy who put food on your table and was the last time I've had this problem. Province Outta Line here I mean for God's Sakes. Honestly I mean on the took me a little right We really not place the blame game. Damn that she didn't do this on purpose she. I promise you. I fact, there's no way she went out and was like. Everybody's sick. I mean what is this? I understand that Europe Hook I didn't do any of what you're talking about this, we. Ask. Sorry! That's my GRANDPA Ronnie. He just walked in honey. How are you? It was a rough weekend I'm Sir I. Got It from runny I. Know You know what I said. We don't know where it came from. Outta here so what we don't care? Yeah, that's what I said the Kobe. Morons. AZEMA! Intervene, how is director of the show? What's your problem? We do not dealing with idioms. Do not show welcome. L.! Holly Hate You. Out of here out. Going on here and I do appreciate your call and your opinion. Do agree with you that we do not. Lying words on her. Goofy are. We will be right back. Okay it'll boop. Oh. Oh good. cheesy how something she would like to bring up. ladies and gentlemen. We do apologize for the Callers We do really feel that people are sensitive, just like I am with Corona virus, but that is not the topic today and we do have another show you can call in. We will set that up for Corona viruses, but we will not tolerate at any time any profane language from anyone. You will be cut off immediately. We appreciate your calling back to you are like her. But there was nothing immediate about the cutoff. Yeah I know they let it go. I liked the serious announcement to like right after that dumb phone call. What does she the director of the radio show director? Well, we don't even. That's true has the director. crummy show. A director? Howard Stern show.

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