Removing Logs and Specks (Luke 6:41-42)


Luke chapter, six versus forty, one and forty two. Jesus says. Why do you see the SPEC? That is in your brother's eye. But do not notice the log that is in your own I. How can you say to your brother brother? Let me take out the suspect that is in your eye. When you yourself do not see the log that is in your own I, you hypocrite first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the SPEC that is in your brother's i. Mrs. Pretty clear what we see in Jesus teaching here and really all over scripture, it is far easier to see sin in others than it is to see sen in ourselves. I get his. It's much more natural to us to observe sin and others, and not observed sin in ourselves. And, so Jesus is saying very clearly here. Whenever you notice sin, others stop like immediately. Stop and ask. What evidence is there of sin even specifically that Sen we see and others. In our own lives. Like. Sin Around us should immediately cause us to examine sin in us. To ask, how do I need to be more holy more like Jesus? What do I need to confess and so to do this? Like Jesus not saying not to help your brother or sister to help someone turn from sin like he wants us and cause us to. The Gospels thing. About Matthew Chapter Eighteen all throughout the new task, we are commanded to help one another grow in hall in his to become more like Jesus to spur one another on toward Christ restore one another when we are caught in sin like we do this word. This is one of the ways we love each other. If someone in my life, see sin in my life, and just doesn't say anything just ignores it, and lets me continue down a sinful path, and that person does not love me like if they love me, they will call me away from sin, but they will do it with a humble heart. That has examined that sin, and just the presence of sending their own hearts in the process, and in this way we realize that helping one another turned from sin as long as we're doing it, luke six forty, one to forty two style like letting that lead us first and foremost to examination our own hearts, we realize. That we grow in Jesus in this process and others grow in their relationship with Jesus and likeness to Jesus in this process so God help us. We pray to do this well. God opener is to sin. In, US, and around us. GotTa we want to turn from sin, and we want our brothers and sisters in Christ turn from sin. We all want to experience the life you have for us, so give us sensitivity to send Anna's and around us when we see sent around us God. We pray for Hugh, Melanie. We pray for honest self examination. Even practically right now. As, we might think through. Where we want to help those around us grow in Christ, God show us ways where we need to grow in Christ. God us even seeing sin and others to expose in your own hearts and. Do this work of sanctification in us, and then you ask God, please use us to. Do this work of sanctification and others lives for their good God. We pray. You'd help us to remove logs from our eyes. And to remove specs from our brothers and sisters is and in this process God. Please make us all look more like Jesus help us help us to be sensitive to sin in others lives, and in our own lives, and in the process opposite to confess it, honestly humbly to repent of it, and to follow you and experience the life. Eve designed for us to live. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen

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