Emmy Nominations 2020: How Diversity Fared in This Year of Racial Reckoning


ESO The emmy nominations are in and things of course, different this year because a Corona Virus Leslie Jones hosted the nominations from an empty set and she said they flew her in on a private plane to ensure her safety also. So that's how the announcements were made and this year. There were a record number of black actors who were nominated. It was a one hundred into acting nominees this year across lead supporting a guest categories and thirty five of those slots went to black actors. So that's a huge increase from last year. That's great. I'M GONNA. Tell you something them. What they should have been doing. But yes, I'm happy for those people. Right, and so let's talk about of the people who were nominated. Now, I love the Yvan Orgy, of course, posted herself on her instagram page, and that was her telling her parents that she was nominated for an emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for insecure longing. I got nominated for an emmy. This? This goodness and me not even. I don't know. Nothing to do the big one. Pill. Luta von orgy very well desired man von Orgy is super talented. She fills that role of Malaita. Enroll of molly is becoming like a a a cultural figure in black television. So salute to molly man. He, killed that road. She had me mad of hair for real in real life. I. Was like you know what is wrong with you? motionlessly, we've been emotionally invested insecure for a few seasons, and that's when you know you got a great show and you get emotionally invested into these characters.

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