Coronavirus: Belgium, Andorra, and Bahamas added to UK quarantine list


Today's front pages are filled with stories suggesting that the UK may impose quarantine restrictions on travel is coming. From France, meanwhile, new fourteen day restrictions have been imposed on Belgium, and you're and the Bahamas Katie as what would have it. You'll joining us from Paris. How likely is it? Do you think that you will be told to isolate when you return? My Luck's GonNa depend depending how the next few days go as it was interesting is clearly Francis the country where we've had corona virus infection levels are going up. I'm not just saying this because I like to go home and not have to self quarantine for two weeks, but it is not such a jump as we have seen in places like Spain. It could. He is the wrong direction, it's going in is high. High priority for the government to keep track of because if they were to miss something, they thought they needed a quarantine. It could actually have quite large effect just because of the number of British tourists who do tend to go to France. But also for that same reason I think while we have seen and we saw Spain the government is quite happy to make these decisions and just take the hit is interesting. Chance. This at this morning where he was saying, we will not hesitate of personally think that is quite like the Sweet Vegas and government that most air purchase at perhaps not in place by the end of the month. But I think this is going to be a graduating the data as it goes.

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