Small Steps Towards Productivity at Home with Sid Garza-Hillman


Everyone welcome to radio. This is Doug Hey and today I'm joined by my good good buddy who is so nice to talk to you sit Garza Helmet said welcome back to the podcast. Doug Nice to be here and thank you for having me on. It. was that was that was that to professional? No wonder. Out He's like, I don't want to be around that kind of anyway. Thank you so much for for for serious is always good to talk to you. Yeah same to you and. Say That anyone who is a longtime listener of the pod or follower up athlete knows exactly who you are. But you know who is said Garza Hohmann who who are you, and why should people pay any attention to what you have to say? Why don't know about the second question but the first question is that I'm. Well. Nutritionists running coach Author of two books and another one that I just finished. It's not out yet. PODCAST Vlogger I direct an ultra marathon. And I run a wellness center at at the Stanford in a nutritionist there and. father husband. That's that pretty much sums it all up. Yeah. You know our other things. That's a lot I do a lot of stuff which is i. think partly of what we're GonNa talk about today, but we'll see where that goes. Yeah I I was so disappointed in this year, we also come back out for the race would have been my. Third Time coming for the senior Costa Fifty K. which is. Without a doubt, my favorite ultra-marathon off there ever is Martin was or will be. I. Guess I can't say that definitively about I, I, can I mean there will never be a better race video It's such a cool race rents along the coast of the Mendocino coast like Northern California cliffs just absolutely stunningly beautiful and then through the redwoods and along this big river out of there, it's such a cool that and. But of course, like everything else it was canceled this year and I was sorry to Miss Miss that option is here. Yeah, I was I was a late hold out like we were getting the news about you know. Groups of fifty sounds like okay. I can do that because all space my runners out Mr groups of twenty five probably can do that. You know, and then finally it was a group of ten and I was like okay and I had to pull the plug and it was really. I took it way harder than thought it would take it. I was very bombed Tanaka the race and. It's come for some reason. The last couple of weeks I think I'm trying to nail down next year's date and everybody who signed up to have a free. You know they have a free entry into next. You basically postponed the race a year essentially, but I'm like drinking coffee out of my Mendocino Coast Fifty K. last few days I've been wearing the hat like. Just around surrounding myself with all things Mendocino. Miss you so much. You know it's It's such a fun. It's like the it's such a thing I look forward to every year and to not have it this year amongst every amidst everything else was just really a bummer. Yeah what what do you think was the most? Disappointing part about if you just about the about the race by cancelling. Yeah. Just because I love the it's such as you know for anybody who's run it they know but I keep the number on purpose. You know have quite a big wait list actually but I, keep the number very tight at one hundred fifty. Because it's really intimate fun and it's become would have been in its fifth year, but there's a lot of returners. So it becomes this thing where it's almost familial. You out there there's traditions that are being built now around the race 'cause it's now it's not in its first year now in its would have been in its fifth and so it's it's a new race but you can sort of see the establishment of traditions in and just seeing people again for the you know that one time per year and it's just it's just I greet everybody when they come. Across the finish line because I keep the numbers manageable and it's just it's just this fun. Fully positive no negative day and even people who drop I've never had a negative person. They always come back and I go I. Miss a stupid thing. You know they get a beer and they walk over to the beach you know like it just so it's all good and I've knock on Wood I've never had. A bad experience around. So it's just it's just a fun thing for me to do. It is a good addition to altering community. Thank you for putting that on. Yeah, my pleasure. All. Right. So we'RE NOT GONNA be talking about the racer. We're not even going to be talking about today we're talking about a productivity and kind of staying focused in the age of that I. Know I have I've worked from home for a long time and you've partially worked from home for a while and so I'm used to this whole working from home thing. But I'm hearing increasingly more from people who from friends and family and stuff who are getting growing increasingly frustrated with the work from home experience and. They're having they're having trouble with productivity. You're having focused missing You know their friends at work and their colleagues and and so even though we're wet like five months into this whole thing and most people are still working from home. We. Thought it'd be good to talk about productivity and to talk about. You know just kind of waste to stay focused and and be efficient but we're doing it in the framework of small steps because you're like the small stuff guy, you might be the og small sips guy. I don't know what are small steps. I'm pretty I'm pretty Oh, Jeez most. Well, my small steps are from most other small steps. So I'm there are people out there talking about micro steps, break everything into two minutes my specific approaches to train people how to set their own well. I'll put this way a small step for me as an is the mindset it's what you view something as small step. So it's not a fixed amount of time in the world. It's just for you if it's a small

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