Final Thursday of July


They gentlemen have your attention. Please welcome to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. To. Try. Nine me. Throw. Try, Jesus. He's don't try me. Because I. I don't know how long will open the show with this song button that I didn't have any right just because I didn't think about it, but if felt so good to me. You. Didn't have the Melody Right. In a little bit. So you can had a Melania let me play reindeer. report. Thong came out. It was. Tragic. The Frankie Beverly found. Thank you. That was it that was. That's my jam smut theme song from town in a surely said, it has been my theme song. It just wasn't written. That's right. We've been like that, and that's what I saw has met so much to me. In. His name. Let the church. Say Mad. Man Hey man again. Surely Strawberry Good, morning Steve Tried Jesus ME. 'CAUSE I. so his. Collar. For Rail. I. Know You notice this song whatever. His could tires Philo. Gas Tastes with sugar boss, out? Windows. Can cause. Engine. Allegedly I need somebody told me column. That they thought that, was you that Gerland set at Rage Rover Five? Well. With a rookie. Blue. Rookie an amateur amateur. She knows nothing. Don't even know how to do it. Joan your. Morning. Try Jesus said. Never. Sat right with me know. A few Tom. Your. Bill right here. On nephew. Of the artist toby. He posted on his instagram page number two on the chart strategies. Already. So. The number one. Jesus. What's the artist name Carla? Toby. Renew Week. We don't buy no other one. Tried Jesus. The Hood version.

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