Making Tiny Design Work Better with Lina Menard


All right. I am here with Linda, Menard. Linda. Is a natural co-conspirator who has lived out her own questions around intentional living less stuff and happiness she has resided in a travel trailer, Yurt backyard cottage and three and counting tiny houses on wheels. Routed through a background in sustainable design, build and urban planning. Linda. Also has a pension for experiential learning and healthy communities. She has found her niche nestled between small spaces, collaborative education, and Community Planning Linda Minard. Welcome to the show. I even thanks to be here. Glad to have you. You know we we were talking just a minute ago, and you're like, what? What should we talk about and I had written down all of these kind of disparate things 'cause I just things that we've talked about in the past, and then of course, in in total Lyneham and art style, you just dropped the perfect perfect insight which was designed, build versus build design What do you mean by that? Yeah Well what I mean by it is that a lot of times when people get excited about their tiny house journey. People. Coming. Out. From. One. Of Two. Different. Directions. One direction is the okay. So I'm going to figure out exactly what it is that I want and then figure out exactly how I'm going to build it. And there are other people who are like. I'm a wire or at least I, WanNa be wire and so I'm gonNA figure it out as I go. I'm going to start building and as I build my design going to emerge. Or maybe the alternative to that. The other kind of like you know like plan b version to is. I'm going to have somebody else told the shell or I'm GonNa you know by a partially built house. Or I'm going to buy a little shack or cabin or whatever else is already out there in the world I mean is already built and I'm going to redesign it or or renovate it there. So I think those are you know kind of two approaches to different ways people can go about. Getting the sort of little face it's going to be on sweet on. Is there. Is there a wrong answer? Are they both like valid paths to take? I think they are valid path to take I think that it often depends on kind somebody's quality anyway like are you the sort of person who likes to jump in with both feet and figure it out and be on your toes a little bit? Are you somebody who's really thoughtful and you take your time and you put things on a certain order You know I tend to lean a little bit more towards the design build. Side of things, but I've also gotten myself into projects where. There and figuring out what to do with it. From there I've done renovation work and really enjoyed that some ways it's really nice to not have the blank slate because then you've got something to work with got some constraints and the constraints I think create and some juice penis in terms of getting creative juices flowing because you can't do anything you want you actually have to work within the boundary So I think it's kind of a personality thing I would say the biggest. issue. Is I contact somebody. You. Know they've scheduled a consultation or maybe they're you know in one of my design classes which I teach with you superfund and they say, yeah, I've got a trailer and now we have to figure out what we're going to build. And that I think is a bummer because if you. Give yourself the constraint of the trailer. Before really figuring out what it is that you want. Then, you can't go back and take the trailer bigger or. So I think that can be about are sometimes because we don't necessarily a lot of us. I think especially in America and other Westernized countries we're not necessarily Subaru engage with things that are hands on like building. A sense of scale and so learning how to work down learning, how to design something so that going to suit your need. Is going to help you figure out like Oh. Do I really need twenty four feet or thirty feet or twenty feet or whatever that is if you're building on wheels and the thing that you're actually even on a foundation. You know the trailer sometimes like Oh you know I bought the trailer. Now I forgot to sign I think that can be a bummer because drink but even if people are are working with with the ground structure. Their limitations on a lot of areas where you can and can't build stuff. You don't have any sense yet of what it is you want then you might end up purchasing property where you can't build what you want whether that's that you've purchased the house thinking you could do a basement after dwelling. You know little like basement apartment and you don't have the clearance for it. So I think it goes back and forth I, don't think there's a wrong way right way but I think that understanding what sort of constraints you can live with. Is going to help you to be happier as you're working.

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