Arizona Senator asks Congress for extension of unemployment benefits


Eyes on the economy. Washington D. C's dysfunction and Bickering is alive and well in Arizona Senator Martha McSally calling out of colleagues for not reaching agreement on the latest Corona virus relief bill. With a $600 federal unemployment benefit expiring today make. Sally wants an extension simple seven day extension of the extra $600 a week week for for unemployed unemployed Americans Americans while while we we work work through through our our differences differences on on how how to to move move forward forward President President Trump Trump also also in in favour favour of of the the temporary temporary extension. extension. Democrats Democrats want want to to keep keep the the $600 $600 payments in place it through the end of the year. Republicans want it lowered to either $200 a week or 2/3 of lost wages. Governor Doug Ducey says Arizona will not step in to fill the gap for those who lose the $600 a week. Congress needs toe act. This is on Congress. Arizona is doing its part, the federal government has to do their part. Without the federal boost unemployed Arizonans received $240 a week. It's one of the lowest weekly payouts in the country. No surprise to the Treasury Department that America's gross domestic product or GDP, retracted by nearly 33% in the second quarter of this year. Blame the Corona virus, but going forward, the administration is really focused on trying to get another piece of legislation through that's focused on release and rescue, Assistant Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley tells our Mike broom head. Consumer confidence is rising in jobs air slowly coming back. But she says states must reopen carefully based on Covad, 19 spread, so you're not getting across the country, a uniform public health situation or a uniform economic situation. Crowley also says Covad 19 and America's response to it continues to surprise Peter Same or Katie. Our

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