7-year-old Zamar Jones, shot in the head in front of his West Philadelphia home this weekend, has died, police say


Omar Jones has died after he was shot in the head caught in the cross fire over the weekend in West Philadelphia. Police have arrested one man and charged him with murder. Hey, Y W crime and justice reporter Christian Joe Hansen tells us cops are searching for two others, authorities say when 27 year old Christopher Linder began shooting at another man on Simpson Street near Race Street Saturday night around eight to other men fired back as seven year old Omar Jones was playing on his porch. Jones was struck in the head and has now died. All three ran from the scene, officials say. But Linder came back to get his truck neighbors on the block pointing amounts of police, Linder ran police saying officers chased him and arrested Him. Investigators say they have the shooting on tape and brought Linder down to police headquarters to interrogate him. Linder is charged with murder, recklessly endangering another person and a number of gun related crimes. He has two prior spending time behind bars for a gun conviction, and he was also sentenced to a minimum of five years for an aggravated assault and robbery conviction. He was out on parole. Police are still searching for the two other shooters. Kristen

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