LINK Crossed With BTC My Favourite


Just had the new candles clothes orphan they. I should say five percent on yesterday closing at eleven thousand, seven, hundred, sixty, three, dollars, five percent once one knock that out the window that's the biggest move. The we've had next to the eleven point two, five percent that we saw. That's the biggest moves back on the first of June. So it's not significant ladies and gentlemen it is not insignificant at all saving and push on three bright the highs get above twelve thousand and really stop this pump moving. I was sore theory that I closing up as well to when I sent. It closed at four one the first time its theorems closed above full hundred dollars in this most recent run the I close above four hundred dollars since. Y on even know when the child I'm looking at federal shot. Now, I haven't got data that goes back that far. So it's been a while it's been a wall are also looking really you I for a two is sitting at rotten out. Superb looking knock it there on a theory just doesn't want to slow down I. WanNa see that four hour kick on a bit more. EXA Pay. Off The point four percent, the old quiet shave this one x updates sitting at thirty cents on the dealing rotten out closed just above thirty cents a guy in another market, the close above a significant level So we'll see how that goes throughout the day bitcoin cash. We'll get closed up one point seven percent as well. And? It's Five one five at the minute. So nothing too crazy out of the out of the rooms above. Madness, it's a lot cleanwater, fifty, nine bucks art we closed. Up Two point one percent yesterday. It was up two point seven, five them with sitting at two, hundred, thirty, three dollars, seventy six in what looks to be potentially the beginning of a very bullish day across the dymock it's called Donna was down point seven a little bit stock Dick Donna with hanging around that fourteen percent mark. The minute needs to do a little bit more from honest finance number two as far as liquids. So as far as moves went yesterday bitcoin being the number one bonnets to full point three percent closing at twenty three to twenty seven very nice up and shot that actually waiting pullbacks. Three dollars and seven we closed up point six today link. Well, it closed down two point six non but a tell you what I'll tell you. One thing it's looking very, very nice and if you look at Link Bitcoin, let me just check now to make sure did give me a not for its in the cradle. On the our China Link Bitcoin. China bitcoin that is one that on stoking today very very closely yesterday got filled on hominy. Hominy US Dollah Tetra. Longtime position on the daily looking quite Nas I. got a really solid move out of the candle back on the sixteenth of July and. That I was up nine point, three percent. So sitting pretty there hopefully should be just about a Ramli one to one tie. It's very I think moderate actually got the just boy visual sense to check the account. because. Look. In Arkansas you a couple of things that are really important that you're GONNA to have to learn in these next bull run. It's not gonNA come from May telling you what to do. It's GonNa come for me telling you what others done. Yet accurate member. WHO Was it back in two thousand eighteen? And this chat was A. Look to be honest with you saw two, thousand, nine, hundred, he he came to my law, of course, the two day. event. Honestly. He had a really bad attitude about writing I I really truthfully he came I got on a street is I. Don't know why because he was so maybe he was looking for help but he was looking for that inspiration a diary night but he was so insult, he was so negative about trading. He was telling me that hey, couldn't try it. He didn't think he could be tried. And The pull back I'm thinking how do you get to this point and I realize what he was doing was was trading what he was doing what he thought was trading but he was punting he was just putting away had no strategy syndicate? Will you know he's off interesting for wall of I'm not sure can be tried of lava. We'll you need some structure because I do I said Okay we'll wrought down. On a piece of pipe you strategy. Tell me what it is. Tell tell me what you're looking for. and. He said all I don't really know I feel that I am looking for certain things and what are they said things write them down. And he couldn't. They couldn't brought down anything. It couldn't even Dan one. One element of a checklist and I'm not saying that checklist of the to do it, but if you don't know you strategy. What are you doing? What are you doing? You ponting. Don't do it. You lose you will lose money you will lose money.

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