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Beyond and hello everyone. My name is Jonathan Bush and this podcast beyond episode six, hundred sixty, and I know a lot of longtime beyond. Listeners. This nurse have been asked. That's how I combined video and. It's great new. I know a lot of you have been asking when are we going to get another episode like the Ham episode we'll good news. My dog is chewing treats right into the microphone chances are you'll hear some crunching all episode long does the same Much, we all need our own personal crunchers get a nutrient. Are I don't know these? Cham-. Male. Male. To our private homes have I'm joined this week by Brian Autonomous. Hello, maximum. Haven't up. At. Lucy. O'Brien. Pleased Mail me had. I realized before he restarted recording. I said this to I feel like we have all been together for a show in like years it's only been a month. Bus along. That's a long time. It's a long time but I I feel like it's been just half the year has gone by just because of how much has happened in get nothing has happened at the same time. Because we're still we don't know when the PS five is gonNA launch. We still don't know that we still don't know the price. It happens every episode before we do get into playstation information because of course, this is I weekly playstation show I did want to ask you all I've been having a little bit of a crisis of faith over the last few weeks because you know I've. been waiting to play bloodborne and I've been really excited to get back to playing bloodborne. We all play bloodborne together. But part of the essence of me playing bloodborne I think that I haven't really played many souls born games. So would it be cheating if I played another souls born game before we got back to playing bloodborne? No, go for honestly we all had plans this year and they're. Like yeah I think that you know vessels, the the souls games, a different civilised difficulty, taste you will to live. In a in a in the same way, but the different like loved ones lot a lot foster, I, would probably like say that ducks Oh, three was the closest to blend because he can really play is like much more life footage than you can and duck salter when I went back to dot souls to- after bloodborne on dislike, this is too slow for me. Now, I'm Kinda bummed they I, platinum that game and then like the next day. Quarantine started because I could. I could use some of that dopamine right now. Are you looking forward to mortal shell? Yes. Yes. Absolutely. That's Neck Games only like twenty hours long to which I'm super into. On that one because I think it's getting announced the day the show is going live. So I think I can say this if not, I'll tell you. We can't because we have an embargo but mortal shells coming out this month. What on on August eighteenth? Yes, we. I am okay to say that by the time the show goes up never know with a our sometimes how it works but yeah. Yeah. So that'll be coming out if you need a sales born fix later this month on. Yeah I do so that works. and I was debating because I have the the trilogy like a copy from the office of the dark souls trilogy. So I was debating going back to one or just going to three because I know some people compare three and bloodborne a lot. I'm like I have might affect you WanNa play a one game. During quarantine like Sunday itis won't I duNno I just want. US to, better fish you know what I mean like I at. The level of difficulty I can think of right now that's the only. Tour. Like. Yeah I thought you said battered this like, yeah. Like food I would like I would also like some. Of like. I'm sore. Like my state like my my what I can withstand when it comes like Hod. Like I disliked anything makes me remotely tired right now like I just stop I, stop watching it I stop playing it like I can only have things that are easy will really thrilling. So I'm watching a lot of horror movies and like I'm playing a Lotta Mario Cut. I'm Kinda with you. I'm watching like a ton of horror movies but I'm also watching a I'm trying to basically go through and fill all the blanks any movie that I wanted to watch forever, and then just didn't and just go through the whole list and a lot of them are like you know like really slow burns and I I got the time for it so. Bring it on. You know like there's nothing else going on I finished finished last of US I've finished go Suma. Plant. A couple of games I finished carryanne young panic couple games here and there but like I got I got nothing but time man like. A good place to explore like I was actually I was tempted to buy a dark souls three just to be like, I'll go get kicked a new universe for a change but it's still sixty bucks and I was kinda hoping it would be you know really by now but Know. I'm I'm definitely with like I play Yoga's the three right now, which is one of the. Eight yards a game said in that same neighborhood which I've been to a fair amount. So it's it's fun but it's also I. I KINDA WANNA open new doors go down some weird new passageways. I've definitely kind of cleared out enough of the Suma Map. Yeah I kind of saw with tear could go and I could go someplace new now. Yeah. It's. It's nice knowing that there are like a ton of big games coming out like it's definitely daunting on a work level to know that there's within I. Think like a three week span three hundred plus our geo releasing at once. But other than that. It's like, Oh, I'm going to get to go fly in a tie fighter this fall and also go to agent North Times also cyberpunk city and like all these great big adventures. and Go back to New York and Spiderman. So it's like there is a lot of big stuff to look forward to but we are in that sort of weird summer doldrums and even though we are still waiting for PS five actual confirmation of when we're going to get to play the damn thing we have heard rumors that there will be an event leader in August that's got confirmed those rumors. Obviously, my dog is upset at those rumors. They pop up every week. So at this point, we'll see at this point I, just wait until something happens on the blog post roughly an hour after we record the show and that's Like paranoid period where I'm convinced that something's going to happen and I'm GonNa die before I find out how much the place Like something's it's going to. Be Dead and like you guys will be like Oh that such a bomb s she's dead. She never found out. That's I mean, that's kind of I feel like that's a pretty fair. You know like risk this year there's a lot of could kill you so. You. Guys. were. The dark souls of conversation. It's Flirtation stuff boys you know just trying to. Well we'll get we'll get into the light hearted stuff. There is a free lighthearted game right now I'm playstation plus that we talked about a little bit later. But I WANNA. Talk about you can play it before the end of this episode one of us no, I can't even. Talk it's done. Sitcom. trope. But anyway I do want to mention. Of course, there is going to be a state of play later this week but Recorded prefer that. We will be of course covering. We are planning to do a show after the state of play cover everything happening but of course, playstation confirmed there won't be new PS five. Release or hardware announcements there won't be First Party game. Announcements. On The year, why would he know right I I'm glad they said expectations but nonetheless, they need to give us the things we're expecting at this point because it's I I am I'm glad they said expectations as well but I'm at the point where I feel like a child that wants to throw my toys out of the crib at this late. I'm just like give us something please please bleeds like this is ridiculous like how long are we going to have to wait I? Mean it's Mitt to becoming out really soon it is. It's. It's so funny to me that Sony Microsoft, and Intendo have these like.

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