NFL WEEK 3: Our official predictions for who wins this weekend


So. I gave talk about. Obviously a game that still sits our my mind from last week. The Atlanta Falcons go our land Alcan's play. The Chicago bears this week. Chicago was to know the Falcons are all into one o'clock on Fox. Obviously, the Falcons. About that the shambles, the the. Disgusting performance that we saw last week losing a game that they should've never lost Dallas cowboys now going to Chicago bears team defensively is still one of the better teams in the NFL. Immature bisky while not playing. Ultra, great. Still playing well enough for them to win. If, you look at this game, you would think the Falcons will win because one of the Falcons do have going for them as they do have one of the better offenses in felt even to the two weeks you've seen that. And they're going to a bears team that. Can Be, offered to challenge America can be limited. So the Falcons you put up points. The game should be over now the falcons defense does have some questions, but I do think they would put voices should be enough to create distance in the bears it'd be able to pick up the whip. Obviously the bears are companies just gave a lot of confidence. As they should. To An older, start the season I mean. I saw some Falcon fans tweet about it. They don't necessarily want the T. Blues remember they're only to the of this dot over by any stretch. But people really what? Dad Queen Gone. And so. It's Cadillac Party. Wants. To lose. The ship but the Chicago bears going to three eight. Oh probably be one of the young shockers of this early season. I'm going to very hastily picked the Falcons to win this game. I think they they are the better team. Now whether they actually leads to the results on Sunday we'll see but I'm going to go the Falcons to win this game as they are the better team to me. I, Think Matt Ryan will continue his great start to the season. I think are often will continue to click. There are questions of Julio. Jones will play this Sunday I. Think he will. He usually plays to injuries when his Julio not move something now he did. Have a setback in practice but. You know I think. He should be able to go. and honestly, if he didn't would be great for my fantasy team either but I got kindergarten if I need to step up or racial gauge. So yeah. But yeah with the Falcons. Next game forty niners, giants, I've this Games interesting. Remember last week. The point is playing metlife stadium loss Garoppolo MOATS are. Bosa, Thomas they lost a lot of guys last week. And the. Giants team who? Looks like they'll probably be at the bottom of the barrel the NFC east. Especially after losing saquon Barkley. For? The. season. When I players were scared to play at metlife stadium because they felt like the the stadium turf in and everything was the reason for a lot of those injuries that they had last week when they played the jets. Now. I it's. It's interesting to see what it's GONNA be 'cause they're playing a backup quarterback backup running backs they got sued offensive Lineman. I still don't have Richard Sherman. You have a lot of injuries. and. So this may be a winnable game for the giants I mean, you don't really know what to expect from the forty niners this week. So it'd be you say here they of Jimmy, Garoppolo at least played to me I. Think you would be like, okay for eight hours I think we'd still be able to win, but we don't know how good the Ford back for Norwich backup QB may play. I mean, luckily, the void ours have a lot of defensive talent still. So it's not like older pleaded they have nobody but. It. Isn't as comfortable as A. But I would still in my right mind, go with the four years to win the game.

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