Woodfield Crossing Boulevard, Boone County And County Sheriff's Department discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Realize your failings and fix them. Or is that just too much to ask from the city leadership? Mad Bear has traffic. What's up, Matthew? All right, Tony. We're looking at a crash its Keystone Avenue at Woodfield Crossing Boulevard. Okay, that's just south of 86 straight and we're hearing of a crash. Somebody's heard and possibly trapped inside their vehicle. Keeping an eye on it also crash itself in Boone County, Michigan Road for 21 at 146 3 that's also county road. 300 sound. This involves a school bus Now none of the kids were heard. They're on their way to school, passing your vehicle tied up in this book, County Sheriff's Department asking people to avoid This intersection again. Us. For 21 at 146 3 traffic sponsored by the window thinking about a window door sodding project. The window can design and pressure project without ever coming in your home with their satellite technology visit, be window dot com. Today I've met there was traffic on the fives. Followers on Twitter, A W II be sea traffic. Boomer modeling is ready to make your kitchen or master bathroom look amazing of bastard bathroom. That's the way to increase value in your home and enjoyment in your omen. If you're thinking about selling your home

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