Blinkers Off 459: Breeders Cup Challenge Series Bonanza

Blinkers Off


Talking about talk a little bit trust me. We got plenty to talk about with the awesome again. Against the to Baffert. Magic says, why can't we share the title and the punishment plan because there can only be one magic? You. There you're mean I told him at today what we're at our business meeting. Was Product I told him that I was like probably as much as funny plan you know the best thing to happen to Eagles Steve Will and Austin was the back that authentic one. As, bad. Your plan is and it's funny as you're playing for us. I have an idea of. Minds of of specifically. Magic. Bad Author Dick Winning was the best thing to ever happen to those guys. But Yeah we'll talk about eight Breeder's Cup win racist coming up this weekend huge handicapping podcast. Comedy you know before we do we have a little bit. We've we've restarting to establish somewhat preakness field is going to look like obviously, we mentioned a second not is not going to run going just point to the Breeders Cup, which probably makes a lot of sense share. But the field itself is you know it's kind of funny. You get lose him analysis with skydivers back in the mix. So Swiss, Guy Ever be running the previous now, of course, runner up in the in the Kentucky Oaks. Art, collector of course, going to run in this race authentic. You're you're Derby winner, Mr Big news who finished third in the Derby. Emissions with Scott Evers Max player horse interesting enough has ran is going to have rain and all I call for. Leagues. Off Four legs of the triple crown including the travers their. COUNTRY GRAMMAR MISSED GUIDE THOUSAND WORDS PNEUMATIC. accessions Jesus team Necker Island Liberal, beasts live and happy saver all who's up for contention but you know thousand words pneumatic. Ever authentic art collector that makes you feel pretty damn good I think he's a good deal even with his law I thought well, I started earlier in in one of our shows that I thought it was going to be better than the Derby when the law was pointing for it and now that he's out, obviously, it's not going to be better than the, but it's still going to be a good field and you're right and here's the deal. If, you didn't like authentic before the Derby. Then there's re there's like there's like reasonable horses to play against him here right It's like well, maybe that Derby was a little bit of a fluke. Well, hell you got art collector you gets skydiver. Horses that can they could potentially beat him especially if you if you analyze this race a week from, Dany say Dan that as looks hot damn. Thanks going to have some pressure, their sources that you could pick to mow him down. So I think that's good. Yeah it's GonNa. Be Good Race I. Know, we'll see we'll see actually. And how and how everything shakes out a week from well, I guess. Monday, we'll know next this coming Monday. What's going to happen? They're GONNA draw Monday. So no, of course, check out the website reason dot com page got the presell already started for this wager guide and don't forget the preakness is actually a winner in for Classic Break Springs. And you know we're by the way running this weekend. The original weakness. where it all began this really good and run the previous he did. And he's going to run this weekend anyways Waiter in. So of course, we have winner end this weekend. Awesome again with maximum security improbable but we also have a winner and of course, authentic. Sorry enders this Haskell Win. You've got plenty of horses in here that could surely use A. Winner in a birth into the classic you know get centering what we've dealing with right now my mic things up in the classic I have a great idea. Okay. So authentic is already in because of the Haskell win. So if he wins the preakness that ten thousand dollar entry that should go to all the my racehorse owner. Right, but it would. But then they already oh, so much money they still have to pay that off. Put. A dent in it. We had somebody mad at us for that comment. We're just having fun we we've. Yes. On twitter you didn't see it but we listen we're having fun with that. We have no problem with my resource. We I told the guy on twitter I said we liked my race worse before it was cool to like my radio. So don't even start with that. First of all this is breaking news to me because I did not know that she. Had An issue with that, but that is funny I. Think. It was. The fact that millie had ownership in it. Yeah. He was really pissed calm. Millie on. Well, listen again he was just kidding around I think it was taxi dave from twitter. He was just kidding around and we aren't getting around. We like my resource L. Magic owns every horse but authentic and. Yeah. Of course, the one that I watched. I words to ever win for my race worse mandate doesn't own. So what does that tell you magic but no, just kidding. Of course I, don't care like I. Was it was a joke. Yeah. Of You have ownership in the Derby winner is something very cool. Absolutely never going to say otherwise but yeah, I mean I for. Though I, I don't necessarily that's not something that interests me like I don't. WanNa have a p like. Yeah I would rather have a horse that is I i. You know me and a couple friends whatever pay hundred, thousand four that may or may not make it to the Derby versus a horse that you're kind of buying in the last second that you get nothing out of but you can just basically say you had but you do acknowledges cool yeah. I mean. Won't. Stop. Talking about. I tried taxi day I. Think she walked around his house lake she goes to do and plays. Shit but I didn't. Know. Okay. So anyways, what are you? GonNa. Do you think you know we know Bob Babich Record in the preakness? I mean is he obviously he's he's GONNA run thousand words flipped out literally in the Paddock and then authentic you think if he runs them, I mean he's going to. He's a very tough especially nowadays while outweigh my good friend Ryan, Newman and your good friend ride silman has told me maybe twenty times that.

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