Full Auto Friday - Round 20

Cleared Hot


Landing page for total human optimization together can get ten percent off when he checkout and that's it. Full. Out of Friday round number twenty. Here we go. Smoke. Wrong Okay Kathy. I'm looking at danger close now. Ladies and gentlemen I have four questions for today, and then we will all begin our lovely weekend. When I was grabbing these questions felt they all had a common theme and Narrative and now I have completely forgotten what I thought that that was. Because that's how my life goes and perhaps I've been hitting the head. A few too many times. So let's get into this and if I can remember it in real time, then I'll bring it up and if I can't. Too Bad. I E mail comes from Kevin. He says first off, I'm a fan of the podcast and I want to thank you for everything that you do. While I acknowledge that you are not an expert that's an excellent opening Kevin I have not an expert in anything other than being fuck wit. I was hoping that you could provide some tips and advice on how you think someone should go about finding his or her passion. I feel like we're told throughout our lives to find our true passion. But I, rarely remember a time when someone provided US tips as to how to do this. Obviously I'm aware that in order to find the one passion here, she will likely need to be exposed to different things inexperience. Inexperienced so that he or she can determine what he or she likes whether that be different cultures professions hobbies, etc.. Oh see so people can hit me up said et Cetera et CETERA. See I listen people when you give me feedback however I feel like exposure to most of these things is usually attained in the form of traveling the world were attending school. Do you have any tips. For someone who is in their mid twenties and who already has a college degree and has traveled to other countries but still struggles to find his or her passion or who is struggling to decide between a few different professions that he or she thinks would end up being their passion. When I was a junior in high school I did not know what truly wanted to do with my life. So I chose to pursue a college degree in accounting had always been told this was a safe choice if I had any aspirations for a career in business and the main reason why I chose this field of studies because I felt it would give me. A great sense of financial security and enable me to provide for a family of my own one day. Good call for sure I struggled throughout college because accounting is truly not my passion. I don't know of anyone passion. I actually know a few people who disagree with you'll know when Kevin? But I managed to get hired by one of the largest and most prestigious accounting companies in the world directly out of college.

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