Louisville related to the Briana Taylor case,


Two counts of first degree assault of a police officer and 14 counts of wanton endangerment over the police officer. That's according to records from the Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections. He's expected to be arraigned this morning. The family of Briana Taylor will hold a news conference today to address the grand jury's decision not to indict any of the police officers directly for Taylor's death. Kentucky attorney general has said no charges were filed because Taylor's boyfriend was armed with a gun and fired at one of the officers first during the raid. Louisville wasn't the only city where protests erupted in Hollywood. At least one person was hurt when a vehicle ran into a small crowd of protesters. Helicopter footage shows a white sedan pushing through the crowd of marchers. A group of protesters in a black pickup truck, chased down the white sedan and cut it off, but the driver got away. A court hearing today for the 17 year old accused of killing two protesters days after Jacob Blake was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested at his home in Antioch, Illinois, a day after prosecutors say he shot and killed two protesters and injured third on the streets of Kenosha. August 25th. Riton House is charged with first degree intentional homicide and could be sentenced to life in prison if he's convicted his lawyers that he acted in self defense. A judge in Lake County, Illinois, is expected to rule today on whether to send written house back to Kenosha to face charges. As

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