Click-Sick: Part 3 Can 'wellness' make you...sick?

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Welcome to click seek onsides friction on the Tesha Mitchell. In this series, we've been ferreting out false health claims on social media and be sure to catch the last two episodes in-app podcast. Well, today it's a cautionary tale from the world of wellness. And the surprisingly radical roots of movement that's become big business. When jade was twenty one, she wanted to get in shape so she turned to internet I vividly remember. Not Wanting to pay for the gym. So I would google for youtube videos of so bay and on platforms like Youtube and instagram stacks of Shiny beautiful people there to ready to give all tips on handily our best lives the IB science technology reporter Ariel Bogor joins me again aerial. What did I find online? Well, as you'd expect endless videos of view attractive young people demoing workout routines, sharing diet tips, but usually recommendation algorithm them eventually led Jay to the channel of WANNA straddling wellness influence off Sarah's Day. Today on. A real time fifteen minutes, baffoni workouts and it was one of the home workouts loved it, and then went down the rabbit hole of what she all of the videos and very much. Following. Exactly. What it said and this is how so-called wellness influences become. So influential, all school, they kind of reminiscent of Jane, Fonda Rub class videos of the nineteen eighties there. Now, Baiming to billions via social media year and this generation of wellness influences it's become a booming business. Raking in millions of viewers and As an example, Sarah Sarah's Day Ariel has almost one point, five, million subscribers. She's big. It's I watering and to Jade Sarah was bitchy and energetic. She was instantly appealing is just very aesthetic like AIDS. Pretty it's easy to wash edited. Well, it was very fade. Fun and so for months whatever Sarah endorsed jade board so I had literally a whole water will let cabinet thing full of life full of these like a cow powder macro. GOURGEON BERRIES ASAI powered off all these smoothie things Jerry to spend. Sarah Sorry relatable felt basically. Like my life it was weird because it was similar circumstances like we'll both the same age we will both with our partners who were of the same age in the same situation of moving into get was literally Kinda felt like Oh this. is a mirror of what my life could be. If I exercise jade's started to look like everything she saw on the Sarah's Day. Youtube. Channel. So I remember back then I think like within like two weeks me and my boyfriend at the time when Paleo. Diet tries to replicate what early humans age and it's not cain on Baynes breads nether any stocks, lexa wife Tater, nothing like that. So breakfast was one of those movies which was a banana. Ca Cow PAT pershing powder. And water. And Just wore at the time, Jay didn't dwell on the science behind what Sarah is saying get twenty. Couldn't I just saw someone online that was pretty and had the life I wanted and was a bomb

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