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Can't Avia Caldwell Pope on the Lakers play in Game four versus a Game three. I feel like we play with a lot of energy tonight. Uh, game three was I think we had a lack of energy going into the game actually start the game. Now, fellow tonight we came out wrong. Wait. You lied the whole game piece track here because of LeBron and they get a lot of shots which you're mentally when the shots and I'm falling for you. Just trying to stay consistent. Move on to the next play. Don't worry about that One. I know they're looking for me to knock down a shot and not worry about my missus. So I just usually just So if I'm missing shot going diagonal defense be ready to play if I get another shot, man, be looking. Not that one down. That audio courtesy of TNT Game five on Saturday. And three rail war road workers have been suspended for turning a storage room under New York's Grand Central Terminal into an unauthorized man cave, complete with a TV, refrigerator, Microwave and food. Thanh Couch. A Metropolitan Transportation Authority investigation found that managers at the Metro North Rail Road were unaware of the hideaway beneath track 1 14. Railroad officials said Thursday that a wire man, a carpenter, foreman and an electrical foreman, have been suspended without pay pending disciplinary hearings. Railroad officials say the space presented a fire hazard because rescue workers would have had difficulty accessing an unmapped room. And again. That room was built by a wire man. A carpenter and an electrical foreman. And again, it's a fire hazard. Take us with you. Wherever you go Download the tox dream Life free Mobile app Reach out to yours truly anytime on social Media, Twitter or Facebook. It's not ray talk. Use the hashtag fn And, of course follow the show on Twitter too. At America's first news used the hashtag FN President Trump's drawing bipartisan blowback for declaring he's not sure the election Khun be honest, we will hear from President Trump as well as the White House spokesperson Kayleigh Mcenany coming up, and Massachusetts Republican governor. Charlie Baker, who went on a tear about the responsibilities of elected officials. You've got America's first news First Americans. First news will be right back. Our world has changed, which means our every day has changed, too. We work differently, shop differently and celebrate differently. But what hasn't changed is the need to keep our community safe by reporting terrorism related suspicious activity to local authorities. The US Department of Homeland Security's If you see something, say something, campaign program manager Ryan Streeter shares Mohr. It's vital we all remain vigilant and are motivated Act. Suspicious activity reported to the nearest local law enforcement agency, or a person of authority describes specifically what and who you served as well as when. Where and why you found it. September 25th marks the third annual national If you see something, say something, Awareness day, we want to remind the public that we all play a role in keeping our community safe. Learn the indicators of terrorism related suspicious activity. And on September 25th share why you say using hash tag? Why I say Learn more at D. H s dot gov slash cease a day. It's time to check the roads from the road traffic. This report, sponsored by Rocket Mortgage and Accident reported on Sammy Davis Jr at Desert Inn Road. Use an alternate to get around slow, You could use the hair of Las Vegas Boulevard Instead, a hit and run accident investigation continues on Las Vegas Boulevard Spring Mountain Road there, you could avoid delays by using paradise or flamingo is a good alternate. No delays to report I 15 traffic South and still light between the Spaghetti Bowl and Tropicana. Want to see your loan options, just payments and closing costs in real time rocket can When you need certainty in the home buying process with alone to pitch

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