I can assure you that's gonna be a great



And then he'll head over late at night to Newport News around 9 P.m. for the rally, And it kind of reminds me John of I know that near the end days of 2016, where you saw these last minute rallies right out peaceful protests being added to the calendar. Ah, and it's just an indication like the president added a late night rally in Michigan Days before the election. Ah, couple rallies in Minnesota. Then we really do at the campaign C of the Commonwealth of Virginia in play, and that's why we're going to continue mobilizing the folks of Virginia that's growing Republican Party and and asking them to do their part as well with with all of us. Get out and vote this this far out to be within five points, which is what I think to polls showed yesterday. The president trailing Baden within five points that you do the margin of error. And it seems like it may be a lot tighter than people

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