How to Coach Your Sales Team with Jeb Blount


I'm your host, Daniel Tardy, and today my guest is Jeb Blunt. Jebsen author speaker, but he's not just one of those motivational gurus. The last thing we need is more hype around this topic we need real answers we need real people, give it a solutions for not just how to sell stuff not how to push things on people, but actually how to serve. At entreleadership teach. Doing sells well as it's all about serving people. And that's what JEB beliefs. Lot of organizations are doing this while they're serving their selling growing and some organizations they're not because they're actually spending less time selling, serving and spend a lot more time just talking about it. The problem for a lot of small business people and I was there I, love the corporate environment and started my own business is that you plan to plan to plan to plan to sell. So you spend more time trying to get your business cards set up than you actually do trying to go out and get customers. So entrepreneurs are the first people. And if you are an entrepreneur businessperson, you're always going to be the number one salesperson for your organization. You can't ever forget that. So for small business people acquiring customers and keeping customers is the number. One thing you do. That's how you make an impact organization and is how you scale and if you don't do those things very well, everything else doesn't matter. I want to talk about the art of sales and how that works in a second. But in let's stay with this idea that small business and entrepreneurs you know these guys figure out they figure out how to sell. You know an oftentimes I'm visiting with the founder of a small business who you know they are still selling actively and they're actually kind of getting stuck because they can't go work on the business and build the operations and lead and build a team because like you said, they're still there number one sales person. There's this tension of will bring in revenue. How do I let that? Go while I go build the business well, that goes back to. You can't scale yourself. So if you're going to run a business you have to at some point, elevate yourself to a leader that doesn't mean that you you're not selling anymore because in my business deals in the line myself people bring me in and sometimes I'll be the person that pushes it over. But the goal is to coach them to the point and grow them to the point where they don't need me because my whole goal is leader to make myself obsolete and the people don't need me into deal however, I think that is the inflection point for every small business as when does the business owner in the entrepreneur move from doer right to scaler and Listening to your podcast with Dave that you did a couple of three weeks ago and you know he's talking about not barring money or not taking the sea. So when you're growing slow as he says and I'm a business that grew slow with no debt no, no capital no investors get free. You know the point is that you have to there's pain in that scale, and the hardest thing that you're going to do is higher for a salesperson. You're probably going to fail and then when you have the second salesperson. The third salesperson you're probably GONNA fail until you find the right person. Why is that? Why? Why do you have to feel so many times to get it right if you're a really big company and you're hiring salespeople, you have the capital to go and find talent you've got you've got an HR department that does the recruiting for you. You've got a battery of task to bring them in and you have the ability to hire lots of people and maybe maybe heart ten people in three of them work but you're. Still Ahead. But if you're a small business owner and you're selling and you're doing and you're delivering and you're taking care everything and then you're trying to be good at hiring people in professionals that are good. Hiring sales people fail often. So small business people come to me and you know that we coach and they say, well, you know how do I hire salesperson and I say the same thing it's not easy and you're gonNA fail but you need to do it and you need to understand that you're GONNA have. To go through the process until you find that anchor and once you find that anchor then you take care of that person Thiessen which you know, and then go on the next anchor we wanted to be easy. We want there to be an easy button around there's not an easy by around it. There's not an easy button I not an easy button anywhere there isn't, and so what happens though is in then you end up hiring people can see the next steps you hire people and you do you scale yourself. And then one day you walk into a conference room and I've been there and all your people are sitting in a conference room and they're having a conversation about systems and processes and workflows, and all those things and you look around and there's nobody in the organization selling anything and you have to say stop wait a minute. We can be the best organized system company in the world. But if we don't go sell stuff, this doesn't make a difference because we're not creating casual so you moved from balancing your time. Into business versus working on the business to then helping balance other people's time working to grow the business versus working on the business and the problems continue to grow they just they're just different but the fact doesn't change that businesses job is to get and keep customers. That's it. That's number one you do that you're. GonNa win and that's I.

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