Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers Vote To End Season Following Boycott


So. Let's go back to You know I was saying Chris that Lebron James over the course of the last twelve hours has changed his mind three times. These are difficult decisions he wanted out. He wanted to think about it and then he wanted to play and I said I appreciate. Lebron's willingness his lack of rigidity, his willingness to listen and talk, and that's one of the reasons I like Lebron is that he's a curious soul. In curious people, wear me out. Are you surprised that the players did? To play according to reports this morning. I'm not yesterday all this news was breaking and we were talking about it on our Radio Show Myself Rob Parker I felt like the most likely scenario was that they would start playing within a few days But then when the reports came out about the clippers and the Lakers, last night not wanting to resume the season s when I started thinking. Okay. This season really it truly is in jeopardy because obviously as you don has said in the meeting, you can't have the playoffs without the two best teams in the Western Conference so that got me skeptical but I figured you guys would go to sleep sleep on it and get up not quite as emotional as they were last. And you know I think what what I wanna hear is are there any I don't even know if concessions is the right word but have the what of the players talk with the owners about because remember the brand said in the meeting reportedly that he wants the owners to be held more accountable and the owners have a lot of power you know I've. Seen on social media, people criticizing the players saying, well, what what's boycotting the League going to do the League is not the one against the players I think the power is in the owners. They are very powerful people in this country very wealthy. They have connections at the highest levels of American society. They can be in touch with lawmakers yesterday think about it. The Milwaukee Bucks Basketball team was able to get the attorney general and the Lieutenant Governor or zoom. Like that that was done by the Bucks Owners would look at Robert Kraft Robert Kraft got he went to visit meek mill, the rapper and said in prison and said, he shouldn't be here two weeks later meek mill was out of prison audit charges were dropped the judge when the case had been changed the Rick Ross Jay Z. Philadelphia Eagles players Kevin. Hart, they had all been trying to get meek mill out of prison for five months. Robert Kraft missing says one statement and he's out in two weeks. That's the type of power that these owners wheeled and the players are beginning to understand that. So there are people that are talking to forget defunding police there what about abolishing some of the police unions? In, the owners could talk to talk to police commissioners achieves about and perhaps done only half police after the police belong to the Union. Anyway. But that can be a hindrance to justice. So those are the things I hope that the players will address with the owners say utilize your power or our behalf, and we'll play the game, and hopefully that's the kind of discussion. Go all throw something out at you. I heard a story this morning I thought was brilliant the Indianapolis Colts. Registered every player to vote yesterday and I thought that is that is incredibly bright. How about this owners around the NBA. You can now not only registered to vote in the arenas, but you can vote inside the arenas. If we're absolutely to me, that's an obvious one like really for the for the average guy like you and me not a billionaire for the average guy like you and me are powers in voting that's really where our power is. So make it easier to vote. So I wonder if that's been discussed the voting issue. I would imagine a has especially remember Lebron's got the voting. Initiative he put together. So I'm sure that that that's the case we saw I think in Houston, they're opening up the arenas as voting site they should all the arena should do that. Make easy on the people whose votes have business suppress historically to get out and vote, and they don't have to be there. All Day is as simple as it is for the people out in the suburbs.

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