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Haunted Places


Wilder Kentucky is a town of about three thousand people along the state's northern border. It's small very small, less than four square miles much of it is wooded. One might not expect at town of this size to have a nightclub, but it does. In, one thousand nine, hundred, seventy, eight, former farm and railroad worker named. Bobby mackey open to Honky Tonk bar off Kentucky route nine, the building it shows had a long history before mackey took ownership of it. Local legends says that in the past it was both a speakeasy and to slaughterhouse on top of being a hotbed for. Satanism. Today, it's rumored to play host to kind of spirits from full body apparitions, demonic portal's. Bobby. Mackie's checkered past and spectral present have the title of the. Most haunted nightclub in America. Sharon didn't like working on the desolate strip of road that led to Bobby. Mackie's she wanted to be closer to Cincinnati where there were always people around things got too quiet here. The silence left too much space for her own thoughts after the last song played on the Jukebox in the patrons had finally left. She mopped the floors wipe down countertops. The windows would shake slightly but she'd been told not to pay attention to that the regular joke that it was some vengeful spirit. Sharon suspected the cause was far more mundane cheap glass and poor construction Sharon unplug the jukebox took one last look around the place. It had never shined like the Chrysler building, but it looked clean again. She went through a small door in the back which barely clear head and up a small staircase to the tiny apartment above the bar she called home. Living and working in the same place took its toll. She had nights where she dreamt that she was trapped like puzzle winter. Tower. The whole world could change around her and she'd be none the wiser locked up above. In the light of day, those dreams seemed more than a little dramatic at night. However, they almost felt prophetic. This building held whatever pieces of herself she'd sewn together. If she ever dared leave, they would Holland raffle long strands pulling her into the strange dark well in the basement, a relic of one of the bars many other lives. As she claimed the steps. She. Saw someone waiting at the top for her. It was a woman wearing a faded dress. The intruders swayed on the step her hands clasped around her throat. Sharon paused and yelled at this area was off limits. The woman held Sharon's is and mauled two words. L. ME. Suddenly she sprinted down the stairs Sharon brace tourself expecting to be bowled over. But just before they made contact but women disappeared into thin air. Wave of nausea overwhelmed. Sharon. It was hard to describe exactly what had happened. She had built something hut pass through her body. She suddenly realized she'd never heard any footsteps even as the woman was charging at her. She reminded herself that she was tired. It had been a long night of tending to customers. She was probably having a waking nightmare. Sharing continued up the steps. nauseous. started to dissipate the heat was long-on. Sharon entered the cramped quarters she called home. Then sat down her small vintage chair it had come with the place in certainly wasn't her style, but she may do. After a while the familiarity was comforting. She untied her shoes. Let her body relax for the first time in days. Sharon's head felt heavy she didn't want to move. She let her eyes fall shut telling herself that she was just taking a quick power nap. She'd go to bed soon. She woke to the feeling of serrated metal teeth pressing into her neck. Sharon's body jerked involuntarily the blade dug into her skin. She screamed knowing that no, one would hear her. There was only highway and the river beside the nightclub. She was alone. Horizon. Went. As, adjusted Dhaka's. There was a man leering over her. His hand shook with the weight of the saw in his hand. In. The haze of retired mind she wondered how he entered when everything was locked up tight for the night. She told him that there was a safe downstairs, but it was empty. He didn't want money. The manse bat on the floor told her he was there to help her. Take care of things.

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