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In history, and it backfired on him because of the players. Like Dwayne Brown wanted to deal with more than a year laughed. And so they just want to do it when they when they paid. It originally had more guaranteed money. He was saving history. They would have done it with one year left, Maybe two, but not three. Because it would set a bad president in the organization and had better Mina but before when they did it, and I think they just put their foot down there weren't goingto do like they did the year before. Have contract issues with Viviane Cloudy they went what right up To start the regular season and that made trade was Seattle. That was not a good trade. Then now, considering what he did with Seattle, and he got hurt, had only three sacks. It doesn't look as bad as it would get in time. But they missed cloudy last year just like they Miss J. J Watt for half the season. Let's get to the next down John McClane continuing off the DeAndre Hopkins situation when we see this relationship between Shawn Watson And Bill O'Brien. We know that Shawn Watson is going to say all the right things. Is there any concern your mind, though, about the state of that relationship, and if it's a healthy one right now,

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