TikTok sues Trump administration over ban


Is waging a legal fight against the Trump administration's efforts to ban the popular Chinese own service over national security concerns. The Trump administration also denying that Mark Zuckerberg used a private meeting to bend the president's ear against Tic Tac, which of course, is owned by China's bite dancer. Might dance, insisting it's not a national security threat and that the government is acting without evidence or due process at China Hawk and trade advisor to President Trump Peter Navarro. What the president is doing is not really about Tic tac. It's about Tic tac, and we chat and all of these other Chinese software companies that are able to collect data on American citizens, ship it over the Chinese servers and then shared with the Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army. So I you know, I I'm always amazed how some of these stories Pop up, but that one for me has zero credibility because I know that he had nothing to do with anything that happened here in the White House. Can you give us some cholera on where the tic tac negotiation stand? We understand. By the way, the Tic Tac is going to be filing a lawsuit today against the U. S government, But I really want to understand whether you think it's a Microsoft or an Oracle or whether you think there's any other real bidders out there and how quickly this can come together. Given the timeline that the administration has put on this, I'm not and I'm not really deeply involved in the actual of sale negotiations. I can't say that I was, I think encouraging to have Oracle step in. I think I expressed some concerns. Previously with you guys on CNBC about Microsoft and its ties. To Communist China or Cole is one of the toughest smartest companies on the planet. And they've been absolutely meticulous about making sure that the Chinese Communist Party has zero influence over them, but But let's see, as president loves to say, Let's see how it pans out. But the bigger issue here really is protecting its candlelight. The joke I made about that Which is too serious. You know, It's like 8 30 in the morning. Uh do the mothers and fathers of America know where the kids are to the Chinese Communist Party? No, no. That's a problem. Navarro, making those comments to CNBC President Trump issuing an executive order in August that imposed a sweeping but unspecified ban on any transaction with by dance.

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