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Today, our guest is Chris Albrecht Chris host, the podcast talking Mo- parts. He has built this baby as the number one podcast on planet earth which I like, and he himself is known as the moped hunter. Since our four hundred and fortieth episode was coming up I thought it would be good to do something to mark the occasion, and maybe he'll correct me here when it comes to mow power power plants, I think four forty may be the one I think of I even more than a four twenty-six, even more than three. Really four forty is what I think of I. But. What I really want to do here is focused on mopus and celebrate kind of a special day Chris Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me on rob I'm happy to be here. Totally. So. Chris let some ground rules here. I'M A podcast year. Europe podcast her we either have to work together or we gotta go to like the death and Only one of us can win I'm all for working together. Sound Good Man before I ever got into podcasting. I was a fan of many automotive podcasts including yours and that kind of pave the way for me to go. You know I'm obviously not going to do a podcast about muscle cars because that would be competing with the big dogs but I decided to focus my podcast on what I'm absolutely one hundred percent passionate about which is parts totally at most that was tongue in cheek and it's a big world out here man, there's so much room and. Opportunity and I have made more friends in the podcast space than I can even count and it's always been a good thing. It should be that we're competitors but were really not I. Don't know why it works that way but it works hand in hand and I really enjoy this and I can't wait to learn more here. So Chris let's start with the basics before you even get to the moped stuff. This is our first conversation ever where are you? Where'd you grow up get into? Cars I grew up in Seattle Washington and I currently live about thirty miles north in Marysville. I grew up around Mope ours I spent a lot of my formative years in a nineteen seventy five dodge custom. What we know now as Boogie Van Really Yeah my dad bought a seventy five cargo van a dodge black nothing in it completely gutted and he built it from the ground up you know this shag carpet the bed in the. Back the spoiler, the porthole windows, the side of the crater mags, all the fender flares the whole kit and caboodle along with that vehicle my dad in one, thousand, nine, hundred, I was born in one, thousand, eight, five, thirty, five and my dad bought a brand new Daytona Turbo Z in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five black with louvers and the car has a talking computer in it so it will tell you if your doors are ajar and things. Like that and as a kid, I thought that was the coolest ever being I'm watching rider on TV and my dad's car as a young kid I'm like Oh my God, my dad's car talks to. So ever since I was young Mo parts have had an impact on my life and when I was young, my dad didn't have a par muscle car but I, had heard stories of his nineteen sixty nine dodge dart that used to go. To, the street races with and just have a general good time with and I was always intrigued I'm a car enthusiast I. I, respect anybody that has a passion for cars. I don't care if it's a Ford Chevy or an import I respect all but I've always had a deep seated love for Mo- powers and when I got older, I can finally afford to get myself a couple of projects. So here we are what were your first products? My first Mo Pars were a nineteen sixty-nine Dodge Dart coincidentally, the same color as my dad's name I've found that, and now I also have a nineteen seventy six dodge deal one, hundred short bed pickup truck that I love as well, and that was kind of like my answer to the C. Tens because I've had see tens before in the past before I got into buying my. Own mopeds, construction company, and the owner bought me a seat in. So I've had my fair share of different vehicles but something always dragged me back to mow pars in when I was finally in a position to get myself a couple I never looked back.

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