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Host current director of trumps National Economic Council Larry Kudlow declared It was all over presidential leadership came swiftly and effectively with an extraordinary rescue for health and safety to successfully fight the Koven virus. After spring semester held mostly over zoom. Many of the nation's colleges and universities have re opened with precautions for the fall. Today, Cal reveal plans for Undergrads University is using a hybrid model with large lectures provided remotely potential guidelines for UC Berkeley students live. And on campus. This coming fall on Lee in a limited number of students will be allowed to live in dorms on the campus of the University of Arizona is helping contained the corona virus pandemic by using a special new app. That track students. These precautions are a gesture toward sensible public health decision making, but they have so far failed to protect against some predictable coed behavior. UNC issued a campus wide alert reporting new clusters, Texas A and M ordered chapter white quarantines for two sororities and a fraternity house at Georgia Tech is on lock down after at least two dozen tested positive at the University

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