Here are the winners of the 2020 Ig Nobel Prizes to make you laugh, then think


The Twenty Twenty Ige Nobel Prize winners were announced last night the ignoble prizes to achievements that. First make people laugh. Then make them think the prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual honor the imaginative and spur people's interest in science medicine and technology and quote. A. Common Misconception about the ignoble prizes is that they're like the razzies you know making fun of things for being bad. But as they say on their website quote, we're honoring achievements that make people laugh and then think good achievements can also be odd funny and even absurd. So combat achievements a lot of good science gets attacked because of its absurdity and a lot of bad science gets revered despite its absurdity and quote. This year, the award ceremony was held only online but fun fact for you the ceremony while always in person prior to this year has also been streamed online every single year since nineteen, ninety, five making it. One of the very first events to be streamed live online. Improbable research who runs the prize thinks that it may have been the first ever event streamed live online was. Not a music concert, which is pretty cool and now without further ADO, here's a rundown of the twenty twenty winners, the Acoustics. Prize. went to a multinational team that basically had an alligator inhale a bunch of helium with the high pitched effect you'd anticipate so that they could study how alligators communicate the psychology prize went to a North American, team who came up with a method to. Identify, narcissists based on their eyebrow movements. The Peace Prize actually went to the governments, of India and Pakistan. For quote, having their diplomats surreptitiously ring each other's doorbells in the middle of the night and then run away before anyone had a chance to answer the door and quotes and next up the physics prize went to a team who wanted to see what happens to an earthworm. When you vibrate at high frequencies, some of these I think make a lot more sense view actually dive into the paper ignoble does a really good job of describing them in the weirdest most intriguing ways possible. The Economics Prize was awarded to the team who tried to quote quantify the relationship between different countries, national income inequality, and the average amount of mouth to mouth kissing and quote. The management. Prize went to a team of professional Chinese hitmen who conducted a hit by having. So many of them pay the other one to do it with less and less money each time that eventually no one was murdered. The. Prize was awarded to Richard vetter for collecting evidence that Entomologists Aka people who study insects or indeed scared of spiders. Are Not Insects. Now, the medicine prize went to a Dutch and Belgian team for diagnosing missile phony A-. And this is one I remember seen in the headlines about when the research was published because I super identify with it missile phony is Stress at hearing other people make chewing sounds end quotes. The materials science prize sounds completely bazaar and pointless until you understand that this British and American team are archaeologists who were trying to prove something about an artifact that had been found. They won the prize for quote showing that knives manufactured from frozen human feces do not work well and quotes. And finally the Second Prize winner of the year to be more ripped from the headlines than based on academic papers. The Medical Education Prize was awarded to Jay Your Bolsonaro of Brazil. Boris. Johnson of the United Kingdom. Never Injure mody of India Andrea Manual Lopez Obrador of Mexico. Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, Donald Trump of the USA or John of Turkey Vladimir Putin of Russia and govern Guli Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan. For quote using the covid nineteen viral pandemic to teach the world that politicians can have a more immediate effect on life and death. Then scientists and doctors can end quote. Wow. Yeah I mean scientists are pretty fed up. You might have seen that scientific American actually endorsed a candidate for president for the very first time in their one hundred and seventy five year history because among other points. Trump's rejection of evidence in public health measures have been catastrophic in the US and quotes

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