Monster Hunter Stories 2 Announced For Nintendo Switch


They announced two new monster Hunter Games for people who did. This. Stuff you know like I do I think it looked really cool. They are both switch games. One of them is Monster Monster Hunter Rise, which is pretty much like monster hunter world, but on the switch with. An evolution of it and new changes specifically like you can climb now. Yes. Sure. We can climb now. Monsters Roundup Ninety degrees. You have a dog mount. Now you can now bring your. Your political with you on for. People for a person hunts as well. It used to be that if it was for people in the hunt, you couldn't bring your political. Now you can. You can choose between the dog Oh. Or a you know the the cat if you also like the cats from before. looks really good some looking forward to that. It was announced for March next year if I remember correctly. And dance that a seconds. Arazi. Switch schools it. I was wondering because the the graphics I wonder if that was like an engine because actually look pretty decent I couldn't. So it's interesting. You mention that because it it was an engine and it's a different engine. So Oh, the last two games muster hunter generations. Ultimate, and so that's a switch game and Monster? Hunter world were done in the same engine. Oh But the new one is a new engine. They said at least. So cool I think it looks pretty great for you know for a switch game. and. I'm curious to see how many of the Games from world let's say bring over versus making me once you know that's always interesting to see. But I'm very happy with the new thing that you use to climb also serves to do new combos in you know. So that adds to the systems as well. So another iteration for people who love the game. And secondarily, they announced hunters stories too. So there's the other switch Game Day announced, which is a little bit more. I don't know anything about those games really, but it looks like it's More. Acute Arcadi. Saying. I think reg said it's kind of like poke among, but I haven't really looked at. Me May style to me. Okay. Stories did yes. More of like another. Thing. Stories though sales shaded and stuff. Right? So, it's stories to you know the second entry there for them. Stories do the second coming.

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