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A different complaint about this cycle. We're hearing it right now. We're living in right now. Here on 7 60. W. J. R. More of your calls. Next Take a look at traffic with Michael sets. This report is sponsored by fresh time farmers market. It's no surprise that healthy living begins with what they eat. Stop by fresh time market for premium black Angus beef T Bone steak 6 £99 Now through September 22nd. You can trust fresh thyme to bring you really food at really affordable prices. Hey, Monroe County or stop and go right now on 23 north bound between 23 Somerfield Road and Brighton. An accident on 23 south bound and high knee rode that has the left lane. Block your stop and go right now from M 59 Monroe County again. You're moving slowly on 75 North bound right now between the Pleasant's Road and Elm Avenue not to be J. R weather first. From the Weather Channel. Trust advisories and freeze alerts up to our West and a taste of fall this weekend here in Detroit, where 59 degrees today are low tonight, 41 downtown and thirties in the burbs. Beautiful sunshine this weekend with high temps in the sixties. Meteorologist Scott

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