Tips on Breaking Into the Esports Industry w/ESN Editor Justin Amin


It's just it's Ben here for awhile again, like I said, he started as an intern and now he's really in charge of everything outside of the podcasts, all the articles, all the things that go on that East sports network insight and he's been getting great about it. So that's a little brief about how you broke into the sports industry but just to you, you know as we talk about how to get in does insurance industry that a lot of people wanna be a part of what we're yours started steps like into East sports, and how's it developed over the last year? Well, my starting steps. I started I feel like as the average college student I only graduated college early this year by the way. So I was starting my job while still in college and I think that's a big part for terms of getting internships I started as a college student in their late junior early senior level. Looking into opportunities trying to see what I could find so I did a lot of job hunting a lot of networking. Thanks to collegiate offenses will. So I think. The very start of all of this is taking your own initiative in. Really taking the time to search through all the endless things that are out there. Definitely yeah heart agree on starting the job before you leave school beyond internships it's a great opportunity but just networking in general, you can have a lot of fakes responded to you like Hey I'm a student who wants to work at sports. People are so used to get a weird product pitches and awkward business relations like I'd say like leak did or. Email that they usually ignore those somebody reaches I was just like Hey I'm interested alert about sports usually the response for deposits that networking early starting with looking at opportunities early is really crucial break in this industry. 'cause you can do it straight out of school like edgy levels effect, but there's not even really require for college degree. We're GONNA get into what? Role College plays in the eastwards later on in the show. But I had a very similar experience and thirties or it's right after graduating school at already started doing a little bit of working as worth while I was in school started writing right afterwards and then. Pretty. quickly, nobody ever asked if I had a college degree I did have one but nobody ever really asked in these sports and Once you get some articles published, the ball starts rolling. You can take those articles to another place and just keep going. That's Kinda mind developed justice. You've had a lot more consistent of a career than my first year was I worked for eight companies by I. Did hear that on a previous podcast. You're just going back and forth between all sorts. Yet it was break the game started that I went to Action Ease for its then sport techy hotspot spahis or it's a radio station based in Europe for a second disrupt gaming an or sixteen were their podcast. Football Post. And then hots Bondar say one I. Don't know it was a a whirlwind and I actually do recommend to people break into eastwards to be a freelancer because I wasn't full time for any of those companies and allowed me to be Pretty Nimble in Okay I've worked with these people for a little while like what they're doing here I'm GonNa, go work here I'm going to go take this other opportunity and so I do recommend that to a lot of students that being a freelancer especially if you still have your parents. health insurance to fall back on. It is the biggest drawback of being a freelancer that you don't have health insurance or you don't have the benefits that come with it, and if you have your parents health insurance, actually you get that safety blanket right out of school, and you also get the flexibility to start with a bunch of different schools so as I recommend for sure. Share. A lot of options and it gives you more of your own scheduling and timing pacing. You can choose when you're ready to work. Definitely. But justice took a different path like I. said, there's no one clear path he started with these forces at work and he still works at sports that honestly that consistency is pretty nice and you're allowed to advance through company and learn a lot more when you're in a consistent environment, what's been your favorite part of working for sports network over the years? I think my favorite part and part of it is lucky that we're a small company and one of the leaders here is that I get to choose the WE WANNA run. Like If we want to cover more league of legends content this week maybe because we'll actually do this week world's drawings everything, but I get to be able to choose and shift the focus of where we need to be and where I think we need to improve sometimes it's little more overwatch content. Sometimes, we need to cut the slack and. Out Rainbow six for a little bit but. A lot of options and I like being able to. Help influence lead the company.

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