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Still only one shot for Dallas in the period. Tampa Bay. Has dominated but have not been able to beat Khudobin. Rachael off walks in taking away shot Clears ahead they will look to pull Vasilevskiy once again. Come lightning 2.5. Pass on the left shot for Gord Extra skater on for Tampa Bay. Donna back in his own zone with the puck, fragile off it on the four check reflected a long Liddell hooked. Like the warrant, and he gets the stick it on the Tampa Bay forward. Seccuro with the puck tied up by caloric board comes over now to Johnson and then out for a drive by McDonogh safe. I don't think that's a good play The loose puck can't clear. Held in by McDonogh for shot Kirk around behind for Johnny Gord. Ward met by Ladell down to two minutes remaining in the third battle continues lightning keep the puck alive. Now out to the right point over the stick of shot, Kirk has to retreat back in his own cold and its lives across the McDonnell with a minute 45 remaining. Six skaters off the ice for Tampa Bay, with the Lightning trailing

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