Sunshine galore for the Bears game there. Kickoff temperature 65 are


Joshua list. Take us inside the White Sox clincher coming up in a minute. 5 16. Now the TBM extended weather forecast sponsored by Advent. Good morning Toe meteorologist Dean DeVore. The early fall here it doesn't arrive on the calendar till 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, but we got a big taste of it again. Hear this coming weekend. Could be breezy. Today there's gonna be a few early clouds, but then we'll see plenty of sunshine and you're going to see much bluer skies here for another day here, the smoke has been kind of a race from the upper levels of the atmosphere. Hided ages 62 Chili Tonight 40 for the low and some of the western suburbs around 50 at the lakefront off Cool, mostly sunny Saturday in our forecast up to 65, then Sunshine galore for the Bears game there. Kickoff temperature 65 are high on Sunday in Chicago, 70 Monday loaded bit seventies and then Yeah, I wouldn't You know it fall arrives Tuesday and it's back to near 80 degrees. We are at 48 degrees of DuPage right now. 58 at O'Hare Midway 58 the lakefront as well. I thank you with a meteorologist he divorce Chicago's weather station. NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 of them. You may be a news time. 5 17 but searching for improved Chicago truck driving jobs, Search Snyder jobs. Time for sports. Good morning, Josh lists morning Pat. Morning, folks. Eloy Jimenez was just in 11 year Old boy in the Dominican Republic. The last time the White Sox made the playoffs man as tiebreaking seventh inning double to beat Minnesota for three puts the socks in the post season for the first time since 2008. That's something we're never gonna forget. Especially because We

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