Blinkers Off 458: Woodbine Mile Preview and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


Was though top of the power rankings, of course, pretty much picked up where they left off. It's Kinda messed around seems like Houston most of that gain last week. So that was good to see them come back and form already. Know release us there. Obviously, they come back this week on Sunday with the chargers. Mean should be another one I would think but best thing I saw today has to be. Like don't actually told you the story but don't, I don't anybody report me to like services. But sometimes when you want your kid watches a show, one of your favorite shows you become very proud and usually it's like I've been through this with like. Sandlot. Jurassic. Park. Things of that nature that. Shows movies I grew up with that. They watch it said and you're like, this is awesome. You know he loves it if we could watch it together. Well today was a different one. It was stepbrothers. I'm not exactly proud about it, but I have a little I it was one of the things that kids were just going crazy today and I I just was flipping around and I and because I. Just United Youtube TV and it was the first thing Ostra has clicked on it, and then I look in there and the boys are dislike glued to the TV. So I just like. All right. Well, whatever works right. Parent knows that and Ed Cohen comes in he's watching the show and I can hear the scene. You know it's it's it's the it's the drugs that scene when he's tried did. He comes in and he goes. Daddy that one guys mean he touched his drums I know you touched by trump set and I want to hear that dirty little mouth admitted out of my face, a roundhouse, your app you swear your mom's life that you didn't touch. Shit. Like, I know, right. He did not know what he used a touch drums but data. Very. Proud. No it for me. You know. So like stepbrothers now so we can watch that together. To be clear, it was it was on cable it was like on comedy central or something. So it was it was edited. So I got a least give me myself that credit but. It was pretty good. So, yeah. My son watching stepbrothers for the first time as to be my four year old. So by the way. Has the best thing assaults today. All right. Today's show we're going to preview Saturday's Rico Woodbine mile stakes at Woodbine Breeders Cup when you're in challenge series of it for the Fan Duel Mile The red fire selections from the other stakes action this weekend at Woodbine and Belmont Park including the Belmont Oaks invitational stakes.

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