As Second Wave of Virus Builds, U.K. Enters New Testing Crisis

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It's imperative that people who fear they have covered symptoms are able to be checked as quickly as possible. In the absence of a vaccine. That's the only effective way to stop infections spreading the prime minister says that schools shouldn't send whole classes or people bubbles home and said child has had a positive test but tower enough come this work. If there's nowhere for them to be tested, it's a shambles. The principal cause of this mess is, of course, organizational and administrative failure by the government on those tasked with delivering the system. But what's not helping either is the lack of clear consistent messaging from ministers. The prospect of a second national lockdown, which must be avoided if possible was being quashed today by ministers but if London and the country as a whole is to overcome the current spike and infections. Prevent further restrictions the government from the prime minister down must end the testing chaos and get a grip of its message to. A reporter Rachel Buffet spent the last couple of days researching this and she's with me now, Rachel. You tried them all every borough in the city. What happened say yesterday we spent about five hours. Trying to book a test everywhere in London. Using, residential postcard for each. And there was none available anywhere. We went. He'd be redirected yesterday to tests outside of London. It was simply not debatable check back later. Still. Not Test available. At again, this morning as well. Yeah. Again, this morning that was. Sort of eighteen available for a walk in center in Kensington. But again, when we tried to book that that was it the slots for booking she came up and this really is just exposing how difficult this crisis is particularly as we have a situation where you know the prime minister has said. CHILDREN SHOULDN'T! Be! Taken off out school Unless their entire bubble is a task but now parents get a test you spoke to apparent in to what kind of trouble will they heaven? Yes. But I quasi parents A couple of in story know they had to go huge round trip is three hours to EPSOM. Paradise boats you had today at just to get a test and they were you know saying alarms midnight waking up refreshing the government page days. Together, test others we spoke to would actually just. Pay For private tests which cost over one hundred pounds just so they can get their kids but to school and they don't have to sell vice sleep two weeks and I think the thing is as well. You know kids especially young kids they get a little time and you know the constantly got colds and coughs and things like that So love tests you know people have that tested negative, but they can't risk it and they have stated time of work on. which has a huge impact on incomes well, for low people this just it's just a huge disparity across the UK as well. So you know we try to protests in Scotland putting in Scottish codes on his ones available immediately go get one in half an hour until of Aberdeen Dundee. That's all fine. But trying to get one in London is just impossible and is there anything being done about it? I hear them might be a new rationing system in place yes and that`ll Be Announced today that there's going to be rationing system where he workers teaches HSA workers camera because. They will get priority protests which can only be a good thing but. There are so many key wikus, huge amounts, people, h HFS and teaching schools, and there are so many patients covid while Kiwi status the the still going to be a huge number of people needing tests all the time. especially. Love Them. We'll have children who come home be on Ben their whole house openly tests. I mean, hopefully it will help but. Donate. So what was the health saying about? All this Donald tells the saying you know they're adding tests all the time they go team hundred, thousand tests day. But when he speak to actual people. There's no one I spoke to. The said Yep was able to just go and get a test. It was so easy in the last two weeks I mean full children stopped back at school. Yes. It was easy to get test but now the children's died back at school it's just very, very difficult especially in the

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