Figured surging is a good thing


And throughout season I'm just here to do my job. Know most everyone think put up to it just keeps getting better and earn it week by week. It is Cam Lewis, former University of Buffalo Bull. He is on the active 53 Man roster. So congratulations, Tio camp will talk more, of course, with the Man who is Well on the sidelines in Orchard Park, even though the games in Miami on Sunday sounds going to be joining us at seven o'clock, I caught a little bit of the cell sports life last night. The broadcast before the game. Yeah, he had map arino on and dolphins. Guyana's well, Yeah, Laurel right before a football game on a Thursday night. I'm like. Going through Twitter await sails on, so I popped it on a little bit. Were they all right? I was watching old TV shows last night. I have no idea why I went on to YouTube and just typed in old shows from like the 19 fifties, and I just started watching old shows which old shows

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