New York Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia Leaves City Government, But Will She Run For Mayor? ‘Stay Tuned’


Today, While a sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia, is last day on the job, you'll recall she took on a few other roles in city government during her 6.5 years at sanitation, and she's making no secret. She has her eye on a role with even more responsibility. Kathryn Garcia says she'll know in the next few weeks if she'll run for mayor. In the meantime, she's looking forward to a whole weekend off. She gotta send off with pipes and drums as she walked out of sanitation headquarters for the last time this commissioner Deputy Commissioner for recycling and sustainability. Bridget Anderson says Garcia did a lot to bring the uniformed and civilian sides of the department together. Have four operations were out there in the streets every day, but we're also doing planning. We're doing engineering doing policy, and she really found a way to bring together those two sides, so we're really working together a lot better, Garcia said On her last day, she told workers, they taught her a lot. Like sanitation lingo, terms like shrinking or coast to coast or going out of town or mongo are swell. I think they got a little bit of a kick out of that or clean garbage as she considers her possible next move, she says She is concerned about the department going into the winter with fewer workers as the city's budget constraints, lied to cuts and layoffs. Sonia Rincon 10 10 wins in Lower Manhattan

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