Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver dies of COVID-19, dementia at 75


Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver has died at 75 from dementia and Cove in 19 and Calistoga, where he owned Seaver Vineyards. Ah, five time 20 Game winner a 13 time. 15 Gamewinner spent 12 of his 20 seasons with the Met's most notably in 1969 when he led them to their first World Series title after they averaged 107 losses. During their first seven years as an expansion team. I have first really got to know him when he moved to Calistoga in around 99 or 2000, and you started working weekend games for the match. He would come into our broadcast booth because he would drive to and from SFO so he would listen to Giants games on the radio and my crew go and I would occasionally talk about why? Because Kruger was a big person in introducing me to a wide and teaching me about one and fever was starting the wine business. Well, then I go to the mess get chance to work. Tom and then had the incredible honor a couple of times of being invited up to his home to see the passion he put into the wine business. This is whats admirable about him. He sold everything that he and his wife, Nancy. Oh, they sold everything in the late nineties to buy this piece of land in Calistoga. Tom built a house and then he planted the grapes.

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